Netflix Infiesto Ending Explained: Who is the Prophet?

If you’re not bored of pandemic tales, Infiesto, a dark Spanish thriller available on Netflix, could be a terrific film to watch when you have the time. This foreboding story is set at the onset of the epidemic and the commencement of the global lockdown.

When a young girl is stolen and reappears three months later, two determined investigators are dispatched to determine what transpired. During the course of their inquiry, they uncover a troubling pattern linked to a satanic ritual and a few extremely deranged individuals.

Infiesto Ending Explanation

Once Castro discovers who The Prophet is and that Samuel accompanied him to Infiesto, she and many other law enforcement officers arrive at the crime scene. Unfortunately, it is too late to save Samuel, but they do spot a nearby abandoned mine.

Castro enters the mine (why did she descend alone?). And discovers The Prophet’s lair and the hospital nurse, his most recent captive. When The Prophet is distracted by an alarm, Castro is able to successfully shoot him. The investigator prevents the nurse from becoming the next victim.

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Netflix Infiesto Ending Explained: Who is the Prophet?

Who Kidnapped Saioa and the Others, and Why?

A cult led by “The Prophet” began kidnapping adolescents for sacrifice as part of a rite to worship the Celtic god Taranis in order to gain deliverance from the apocalypse.

We find that the cult has been active for quite some time, but the current kidnappings are tied to the pandemic and the cult’s belief that the end of the world is near.

The cult has long thought that the end of the world is near, therefore they have been kidnapping youths from all around Spain every three months to prevent the police from connecting the missing children.

The commencement of the pandemic appears to convince the cult leaders that they are doing the right thing, as they view it as a portent of the end of the world.

The Prophet is the leader of the cult, however, he is assisted by the Dog Killer and the Demon. Early in the film, the Dog Killer commits suicide, and the Demon is arrested.

Netflix Infiesto Ending Explained: Who is the Prophet?

Who is The Prophet?

Officer Ramos from a place called Infiesto is the Prophet. Ramos dupes Samuel into traveling with him to Infiesto in search of The Prophet. When Castro discovers the truth and texts Samuel to warn him, it is already too late for her to save him.

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Who is Lidia Vega?

Castro observes a hooded man waiting outside the police station at one point in the film. When she confronts them, she discovers Lidia Vega, a blonde woman.

Later, we see that Lidia possesses the same branding mark as Saioa on her chest. It is the cult’s emblem. Lidia was a member of the cult as a teenager, and she reveals the identity of The Prophet.