Why Do Fans of “Warrior Nun” Splash the Twitter With “#Netflix Correct Your Mistake” Tweets?

#NETFLIX CORRECT YOUR MISTAKE” is currently trending on Twitter as a result of angry “Warrior Nun” fans venting on the social media network. The popular Netflix show was cancelled after two seasons.

Netflix terminated “Warrior Nun,” a programme about a young nun who gains superpowers in a mortuary and is sent to battle demons on earth, in December, according to Variety.

In response, furious viewers criticised Netflix for terminating episodes before they reach a satisfying conclusion. Just a month before the show was cancelled, the second season of Warrior Nun concluded on a cliffhanger.

Netflix correct your mistakes” had received almost 31,900 tweets as of Wednesday night, Singapore time. Since December 13, more than 5 million people have used the hashtag “#savewarriornun.”

Additionally, frustrated supporters are not only tweeting their rage. A petition on Change.org to continue “Warrior Nun” for a third season has received more than 108,000 signatures.

On January 6, the show’s creator, Simon Barry, tweeted: “Halo, Holy. Since December 13, there have been 5,000,000 tweets including the hashtag “Save the warrior nun.” This fandom amazes me. I’m grateful.”

Henry T. Casey, a senior editor at the IT product review website Tom’s Guide, tweeted: “Sincere admiration for Warrior Nun supporters. A great term to choose and make popular is “NETFLIX CORRECT YOUR MISTAKE.”

Once the hashtag became popular, followers of other cancelled shows began to capitalise on it; as a result, followers of the adolescent drama “The Society,” the animated sci-fi sitcom “Inside Job,” and the serial killer show “Mindhunter” have joined the Twitter discussion.

“We detest leaving a story unresolved. Sensei taught us a lot, and we’ll make an effort to avoid making the same mistakes in the future “Tweets from Netflix

Will Warrior Nun 3 Ever Be Made?

Aside from all the protests that are exerting pressure on Netflix, the popularity of the show also calls for its revival from the Netflix archive. The second season received a 100% rating from reviewers and a 99% rating from viewers on Rotten Tomatoes, according to GameRant. Squid Game or Money Heist didn’t even come close to matching this record-breaking high for a Netflix original series.

Not only that, but the programme also earned a spot in the Washington Post’s list of “10 Hidden TV Gems You May Have Missed” and the New York Times’ list of “50 Best TV Shows on Netflix Right Now”. The creators of the show attribute all of their successes to the public’s enthusiastic word-of-mouth.

None of these fan appeals, however, are a guarantee that Netflix will accept them. The Warrior Nun 3 is still merely wishful thinking rather than a concrete possibility because the streaming service hasn’t even stated the grounds for the program’s discontinuation. Fans are currently pleading with Apple TV+ to support the show’s continuation.

It will be interesting to see how the numerous, organised protests against Warrior Nun 3 on Netflix turn out because, at this point, they go beyond being another Twitter protest and serve as an illustration of the strength of the fans. Visit @Keeperfacts.com for more of the most recent entertainment news.