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Residente is an artist that performs as a rapper, singer, and songwriter. He is one of the founding members of Calle 13, a Puerto Rican alternative rap group.

Before launching his solo career in 2015, he had recorded five albums with the band. Residente released his first solo album in 2017. He has earned four Grammy Awards and 27 Latin Grammy Awards during his career.
Residente’s net worth is expected to be at $25 million in 2022.

René Pérez Joglar was born on February 23, 1978, on the island of Puerto Rico. Joglar’s mother was a member of the Teatro del 60 in Puerto Rico. She was a member of Juventud Independista Universitaria when she was younger. His father is an attorney who specializes in labor law, as well as a musician and a writer.

He went to the Escuela Libre de Msica to study music. He and Louis Garcia formed the band Latin Temp when he was 17 years old. He went on to the University of Puerto Rico to study Political Science and Law. He started his own law firm after graduating.

Net Worth of Residente
Net Worth of Residente

Residente’s career began in 2004 when he joined the Calle 13 band. After a few years of struggle, the duo signed with White Lion Records, who released their controversial singles ‘Querido F.B.I.’ and ‘Se Vale To-To.’

Calle 13 has gone on to become one of Puerto Rico’s best-selling bands. With their videos, gigs, and albums, they inspired a whole generation of rappers and musicians. Their illustrious status as artists, statesmen, and national heroes grew.

They began to collaborate with other well-known musicians, such Nelly Furtado, Alejandro Sanz, and Cuba’s Orishas, to name a few. The band’s goals rose as their success grew, and they began to incorporate elements of salsa, funk, and jazz into their sound.

Calle 13 played in the Coliseo de Puerto Rico in 2009 to celebrate the release of their third album, ‘Los de Atrás Vienen Conmigo.’ When the couple visited Cuba the following year, Residente was once again the subject of dispute.

The self-titled documentary by Residente was released in 2017. The next year, he collaborated with producer Dillon Francis on the track “Sexo.”

Residente’s single ‘Bellacoso,’ which featured Bad Bunny, was released in 2019. The song was inspired by Daddy Yankee, and the music video was shot in Puerto Rico.
Residente’s net worth is expected to be at $25 million in 2022.

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What is Residente’s spending pattern?

Residente owns a stunning property in California, for which he paid $5.8 million in 2020.

Residente’s Residence: Residente has a residence in Encino, California. He paid $5.8 million for the house in 2020. In 2017, the home was completed. Inside the home, we can see a newly renovated dining room, a kitchen with dual islands, custom fittings, marble countertops, and a breakfast area.

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