Finally, Nene Leakes’ Son Brentt’s Health Well After Heart Failure

The past year has been one of the most challenging for American Personality and Actress NeNe Leakes, and things have lately become even worse. On October 10, 2022, NeNe posted one of the most upsetting pieces of news to her Instagram story.

Brett, the second son of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” actress NeNe Leakes, reportedly suffered from congestive heart failure and a stroke at the age of 23. NeNe revealed that she wanted to share the news with the public when Brentt was feeling better, but she could not because she feared the internet would be flooded with false information.

The reality television personality refrained from providing extensive information concerning her son’s health scare. However, NeNe regarded her son’s current state as frightening and noted that his speech was impaired. Even more distressing for the mother of two was her inability to determine the reason for the unfortunate event. NeNe claims that Brett did not consume drugs or alcohol.

Finally, Nene Leakes’ Son Brentt's Health Well After Heart Failure

In a subsequent post, however, she stated that her kid was psychologically and emotionally weary in September 2022, the first anniversary of his father’s passing. Doctors were not convinced, despite NeNe’s beliefs, that stress caused Brentt’s stroke and heart failure. In addition to stress, NeNe claimed that she had previously experienced blood clots.

Her son has a significant propensity to inherit congenital heart disease. In addition, she mentioned that doctors had ruled out Brentt’s weight as a cause of his health scare.

So yet, the cause has not been found. In the meanwhile, NeNe disclosed that the medical professionals are still doing testing. The testing will hopefully provide answers to the concerned mother’s inquiries, and therapy for the underlying problem will commence.

Before his passing, NeNe and Gregg Leakes had been married for more than twenty years. Gregg had five children: Denton, Daryl, Damian, Dexter, and Katrina. The New Normal alum is also the mother of son Bryson Bryant from a previous relationship. Brett is the sole child of the couple.

Finally, Nene Leakes’ Son Brentt's Health Well After Heart Failure

The Glee alumna wed Gregg in 1997, and they welcomed Brentt two years later. After 14 years of marriage, the couple divorced in 2011, but they eventually reconciled and remarried in 2013.

“My little big baby is 23 today!” she captioned a sequence of February Instagram photos. “Brett, I am certain that Gregg will shower you with affection all day long. We are both extremely proud of you!” NeNe, who began dating Nyonisela Sioh in December 2021, paid tribute to her late husband on what would have been his 67th birthday six months later.

“Missing the man who always had a plan!” the native New Yorker posted on Instagram in August. “Today is a tough day… We would celebrate you annually on this occasion. I cannot believe we are celebrating your birthday today. I believe you went somewhere and will return.”

NeNe and Brentt have managed to keep each other smiling despite their tragedy. Brett posted a TikTok video with his mother in September, demonstrating how much fun they had together.