Need Bio-Bubbles In Indian Sports

Covid-19 cases are increasing day by day, and sports is one of the most affected parts of this pandemic. After five months of this lockdown, things are slowly getting back to normal with more precautions. The Sports industry has also resumed, but the problems lie here, social distancing can’t be maintained while playing. 

Many of the hockey players are tested positive for COVID-19; most of them were travelling back to their home from the venue. From that group, most of them tested positive. While in other parts of the world, teams are practicing in bio bubbles. 

Bio bubbles are considered as a decent option to protect players from Covid-19. This is used in many sports like cricket, football, and golf in England, Europe, and the US, respectively

Bio Bubble Specifics  

The care and protection of players from Covid-19 is the first priority of the management. Management is trying in many different ways to stop the increase in cases among players. 

Many of them were affected because players traveled back home from venues, and many officers of the Sports Authority of India (SAI) are tested positive. 

The spike in cases can again impose restrictions on players; this will cause players not to play again. 

Need Bio-Bubbles In Indian Sports

Many countries have accepted the Bio Bubble as a solution to this problem. The bio bubble is just the concept where players can’t go back to their homes until the format ends. Players will be tested, and they have to follow the proper guidelines issued by the Authority, Health ministry, and State government. 

Why is the Bio Bubble Important in India?

Before answering, let’s see what is happening. Currently, many countries have accepted this concept. Till now, in India, Badminton is affected the most, and Badminton needs a bio bubble. 

Cricket in India is still not started yet, BCCI has confirmed that IPL will be held in UAE. The T20 World Cup is not yet confirmed that India will host it. Is it the saddest news for cricket fans? 

 The same goes for other sports too. But we have a solution; Bio Bubble at least allows players to play in their countries and practice and start training. 

The bio bubble will definitely make the game possible without the audience; we can at least do this much for the safety of players. 

Closure | Bio Bubble 

Player safety should be the first priority of any government. At Least we have some options to impose and can have low-risk of infecting other players.

As India stands on the 3rd rank for the highest cases in the world, and this is the main factor that has influenced games not being held in India. It is not a safe option to call players internationally to play here, so the only option visible as of now is Bio Bubble. 

Quarantining players for days and testing them twice and keeping players in premises until format ends is what Bio Bubbles.

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