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Ne-Yo Wife Files for Divorce | is He Really Had a Kid With Another Woman!

Ne-Yo’s wife files for divorce

Crystal Renay, Ne-wife, Yo has filed for divorce, claiming the singer fathered a kid with another woman and has previously been accused of infidelity.

As to some sources, Ne-“paramour” Yo had “recently fathered a minor,” according to divorce papers received by the publication on Thursday.

As of Monday, Renay had filed court documents stating that they had separated on the 22nd of July. A “marriage irretrievably broken with no possibility of healing,” she said was her assessment.

She and the Grammy winner, whose actual name is Shaffer Chimere Smith, wed in February 2016. In April 2022, the couple reunited two years after they divorced.

It's a family of three: Shaffer (six), Roman (four), and Isabella (one). On top of being the father of Madilyn Shaw, 11, and Mason, 10, Ne-Yo has two other children from a prior relationship.

She wanted primary physical custody of the children and joint legal custody in her Aug. 1 petition.

“Eight years of lies and deception” were the words she used to describe their relationship in an Instagram post only one day before.

“8 years of naively sharing my life and hubby with a multitude of women who sell their bodies to him unprotected… every single one of them!” she said.

According to the actress, who described herself as “heartbroken and disgusted,” asking her to remain and accept the situation was “completely ridiculous.” A narcissist's mindset. I will no longer mislead the public or pretend this is something it isn't.”

Renay also stated in the now-deleted social media post that she received “nothing but squandered years and misery” from Ne-Yo.

Smith's divorce petition comes just four months after the pair renewed their vows and six years after they made their relationship legal.

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