National Treasure 3: Why Disney Didn’t See It As A “Franchise”

National Treasure 3

Hello Reader, Hope you are doing well. I am sure, you must be looking for the National Treasure 3, our article is completely on the National treasure 3 and why Disney said the statement.

So let’s get started without talking much, be with us to know the complete relevant information on this third sequel 🙂

National Treasure 3

The National Treasure is created by Jerry Bruckheimer. The series has got mixed reviews from the critics. There are many questions about the national treasure 3, we will going to give the answer to these following, in our article.

  • Will there be National Treasure 3?
  • Why did Disney say this statement- We didn’t see it as a “franchise”?
  • Is the second part of the National Treasure is the final one?

Also, have a look at this video of Barack Obama speaking about the “National Treasure.”

I am sure, you must be thinking of the above questions too. Right? Hold on before answering them, have a look at the IMDb rating and user reaction on the previous film series.

National Treasure- IMDb And Reviews

I know everybody checks the ratings and reviews before watching a specific movie. Right? Do you check the ratings? If yes then have a look at the rating and reviews on both film series.

The movie has got about 6.9/10 which is not high and not too low for any movie. So, what about you, have you seen this movie before. If yes, then comment down, your reviews in our comment section below. Also, read some user’s reactions from the IMDb.

“Very fun and entertaining movie. Some good action, comedy, and general excitement. there are also some cheesy moments but nothing too severe. I miss Nicholas cage in his prime. (about 3 viewings.”

National Treasure 2- IMDb and Reviews

How could we forget the sequel 2, talking about season 2 as well have a look at the IMDb reviews and users’ reaction to this too.

According to the IMDb, National Treasure 2 has given 6.6 out of 10 stars. Oops! it is less than the first, one means the movie has not done good progress. Leaving this and talking about the IMDb user reactions and reviews 🙂

“Turn off your brain and enjoy the ride! It’s definitely one of Nick Cage’s better movies, but that isn’t saying a lot.”
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Now leaving the previous seasons behind and let’s talk more about part three.

“Why Disney Didn’t See National Treasure 3” As A Franchise?

The producers say it will never happen because Disney “didn’t see this movie as a franchise.” But at first, Disney agreed on making the sequel again but nobody knows what happened to them, why they are not taking part 3 of it.

Disney stopped working on this third installment, it seems like they don’t want to see this happen on the screens again.

If we get the information related to the renewal then we will promise to update the relevant information in our article soon for you. So be with us at for the latest trends and technology.

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National Treasure 3: Star Cast

As there is no, statement about the confirmation about the renewal of the movie again. But if the shooting regains, then the old cast remains the same because “The older the fiddle the sweeter the tune” which means the old is gold.

National Treasure 3

Is There Any Trailer for National Treasure 3?

What do you think about this, does it make any sense for the trailer when they are not even working on the complete movie. So, don’t be in the trap of those fake news and videos on the OTT platform about the trailer.

You can watch this informative video on Why It Hasn’t Happen Yet?

Bottom Line

Well now, it is the ending of this article. We have tried to give all the necessary details regarding the third series. If you have any queries, don’t feel any kind of hesitation.

Feel free to ask us in our comment section below. Also, share this article with your friends who are still in faith that National Treasure 3 is coming.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-Is National Treasure 3 is available on Netflix?

A-The National Treasure is available on Netflix. You can watch and enjoy National treasure there but for the third installment, you have to wait to know the confirmed release because Disney is not working on this sequel saying that We didn’t see it as a franchise.”

Q-Why National Treasure is not available on the disney+?

A-It is not available to stream online on Disney plus because somehow it is still part of Netflix.

Q-Is National Treasure 3 canceled?

A-The National Treasure 3 has possibilities that it will not happen again because of the Disney statement that it is not a franchise for them. But there is no solid statement of the cancelation may the movie will renew again for season 3 for the sake of their fans, who are waiting for part 3.


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