Is Season 2 of ‘Narcos-Saints’ Going to Happen?


Particularly popular on Netflix is a genre of Korean drama that has recently swept the globe. Some really original Korean programs are being added to the streaming giant Netflix, and whenever you log in, you're sure to find at least one drama that's currently making waves. One of Netflix's newest additions is a crime drama called Narcos: Saints.

Korean dramas have long been recognized for their many excellent live shows, but the industry is steadily expanding to include other genres and proving that it can successfully produce them as well. If we use Squid Games and All of us Are Dead as an example, we see that both shows have already achieved enormous success. Motivated by the same source material, we provide Narcos Saints.


The premiere of Narcos: Saints have already premiered on Netflix. As soon as the first season premiered, it became a critical and commercial success, quickly rising to the ranks of the OTT service's Top 10 weekly viewed shows. Fans were eager to watch the show even before it premiered. When the news was first announced, everyone knew it was something they would be interested in seeing.

When the series premiered, it quickly gained a large fan base and received high marks from reviewers for its compelling plot and strong characters. Fans are left wondering if there will be a second season when the first one ends.

Everything you need to know about the show will be revealed in this post. If you have any interest in what lies next for the programme, you should read this. Here is what you discovered at the conclusion of the show.


Is Season 2 of ‘Narcos-Saints' Going to Happen?

Narcos-Saints Season 2

The premiere episode of Narcos Saints premiered on September 9, 2022. After the first season's debut, curiosity about the show's continuation is high. The show has been really successful thus far, and it is well-liked all across the world.

The number of people Korean dramas aim to reach is steadily rising, and they are already wildly popular. We have no doubt that Narcos Saint will achieve remarkable success because of Netflix's massive audience. Previously, Extraordinary Attorney Woo was one of Netflix's most popular Korean dramas, but now, to everyone's surprise, Narcos: Saints has surpassed it as the most watched Korean series on the OTT service.

The greater the audience, the more exciting these developments become. It's doing exceptionally well, with 62,650,000,000,000 hours watched thus far—an gain of 204% over the show's first week. Given this information, do you think there will be a new season?

There is currently no official word on when or if the programme will return for a second season. It's no surprise that Narcos Saints is a fan favourite, therefore the OTT service is committed to making it available again for viewers. Since the premiere of Narcos: Saints' first season has just occurred, it's too early to speculate on the show's renewal. However, past experience has shown that Netflix often takes between one and two months to make a renewal announcement, and occasionally takes as long as six months.

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All signs point to a renewal, but it's still too early to tell whether or not the programme will continue. We'd love to see more of the criminal justice games, and the show has all the makings of being revived.

Who Will Appear in Narcos-Saints'?

Narcos-Saints Season 2

In the first season of Narcos-Saints, characters like Ha Jung-woo as Kang In-gu, Hwang Jung-min as Jeon Yo-hwan, Park Hae-soo as Choi Chang-ho, Jo Woo-jin as Byeon Ki-Tae, Yoo Yeon-seok as David Julio Park, Kim Min-gwi as Lee Sang-jun, Choo Ja-Hyun as Park Hye-jin, and Chang

In the first season, Jordan Preston played President Delano Alvarez, Bryan Larkin played the head of the DEA, Lee Bong-Ryun played Deaconess Jung, Go Geon-than played Dong-woo, Hyun Bong-sik played Park Eung-Soo, Kim Ye-won played Wife, Kim Si-Hyeon played Si-Hyeon, Anupam Tripathi played soldiers of the Suriname Army.

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But we already know that most of the characters on the show died, so it's likely that the show will add new characters. We know that Park Hae-soo, who plays National Intelligence Service team leader Choi Chang-ho, will be in the show along with all the other characters.

What Would Be the Storyline of ‘Narcos-Saints'?

Even those who have seen the first episode of the series may be caught off guard by what happens next. Some fans would be sad to see the series stop, while others would be fine with that. However, the number of people who want a second season is far more than the number of individuals who are willing to settle with the first.

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If there is to be a further season, it will most likely continue the tale and feature the same key characters. There has been no formal announcement made yet about Season 2. We will be careful to notify you of any upcoming changes.

Is There Any Trailer for Narcos-Saints?

There is unfortunately no official trailer available. Since the first season of Narcos: Saints has only recently wrapped, the producers will need some time to think about what comes next. Narcos Saints may get renewed as Netflix usually keeps their most popular programmes around.

We regret that there is currently no official trailer available. We'll let you know in advance if there are going to be any. Additionally, the first season's promotional video is included below in case you've missed it.