American Singer and Songwriter Naomi Judd’s Cause of Death Explained

After her passing in late April, the late American singer/songwriter Naomi Judd's daughters paid tribute to mom on Mother's Day via an Instagram post. The eldest Judd sister, Wynonna, expressed that she misses her mother by uploading an old photo of herself, her mother, and her younger sister, Ashley.

Naomi Judd has Passed Away

The shot was taken near Little Cat Creek in their home state of Kentucky, according to Ashley, who also posted it on Instagram as a tribute to her mother. Wynonna Judd was the lead vocalist for the mother-daughter country combo The Judds. Naomi passed away just hours prior to The Judds' induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Naomi Judd's Cause of Death

Naomi passed away on April 30 at the age of 76 due to depression and other mental health issues. Ashley elaborated on Naomi's lifelong struggles with mental health in a recent Mother's Day post for a major publication. Naomi had been candid about her struggles with mental health. The actress described her struggles as wounds from a lifetime of injustices that began when Naomi was a toddler.

American Singer and Songwriter Naomi Judd's Cause of Death Explained

Ashley stated that her mother's death wasn't supposed to occur in such a manner and that she would pay her a visit and present her with a box of traditional chocolates, as per family tradition.

They were anticipated to enjoy one other's company. She is instead adrift. She added that her heart is not empty. It is full of appreciation for everything her mother left for her. Her music, memories, and nurturing and caring qualities.

Losing one's parents is an agonizing tragedy. Naomi Judd died less than a week ago. Her passing was a shock to her family and friends. With her daughter, Wynonna's follow-up record, Rockin' With the Rhythm, Naomi Judd was ready to top the country chart once more. It would also yield three additional number-one singles.

The Judds were startled to be nominated for best new artist at the 1985 Grammy Awards, where they competed against renowned pop stars such as Cyndi Lauper and Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

American Singer and Songwriter Naomi Judd's Cause of Death Explained

Years later, to roaring applause and support from the audience, Wynonna and Ashley wept as they accepted the award on stage at the Hall of fame event. At the conclusion of her brief but heartbreaking speech, Wynonna assured the audience that she will continue to honor her mother via their shared love of country music.

After leaving the Judds, Naomi established the Naomi Judd Education and Research Fund to raise awareness about hepatitis C and became an ambassador for the American Liver Foundation.

In 2005, she hosted the Sunday morning talk show Naomi's New Morning, and in 2008, she became a judge on the reality competition Can You Duet. Her novels include River of Time: My Descent Into Depression and How I Emerged With Hope (2016). She disclosed in a 2017 interview that her mental health has significantly deteriorated since she ceased performing.