My School President Episode 2 Release Date: Gun is Now Tinn’s Servant

We are always entertained by high school romances, and with My School President finally becoming a television series, we anticipate that it will become a fan favourite for many.

Au Kornprom Niyomsil, the guy behind successful programmes such as Office Syndrome, Oxygen (Screenwriter), and Our Skyy (Director), among others, has directed the show. His most recent series, My School President, focuses on two high school students named Gunn and Tinn.

Gunn is a member of the college’s music club, which regrettably does not garner much attention. Once the one person who supported the club, the principal, departs his position, the Music club’s future becomes uncertain. The vice principal who had always despised the club is now the principal, and to top it all, her son Tinn is the school’s president.

My School President Episode 2 Release Date: Gun is Now Tinn's Servant

Release Date of My School President Season 2 Episode 2

The next episode of this television programme will air on December 9, 2022. This Thai programme airs new episodes every Friday, with each episode running between 50 and 55 minutes. In the future episode, Tinn will agree to assist Gunn on the condition that he become his servant.

Where to Watch My School President Episode 2?

The programme airs at 8:30 a.m. on GMM One, Thailand. The programme is also available on YouTube, so you can view it without a subscription.

The Cast of My High School President

Even though the show has only aired one episode, it has received widespread praise from audiences throughout the globe. In My School President, the acting, storyline, and chemistry between all of the actors are well-balanced. The following actors portray the key characters in the film:

Gemini Norawit Titicharoenrak As Tinn, Norawit has appeared in a prior series directed by the same individual. He has been on series such as Moonlight Chicken and Our Skyy 2. In 2023, he will also have a series entitled 23.5 that will air.

Fourth Nattawat Jirochtikul As Gunn: Nattwat is most well-known for his performances in the Thai adaption of Boys Over Flowers as well as in series such as Young Survivors and Bad Buddy. In the same series as Norawit, he will appear again, although in a supporting capacity.

Winny Thanawin: Pholcharoenrat, Satang Kittipop Sereevichaya Sawat, Ford Arun Asawasuebkul, and Prom Theepakon Kwanboon are more minor characters. The majority of these performers have already starred in popular films and television series.

The summary of My School President Episode 1

The first episode aired on the 2nd of December and began with an introduction to the music club to which Gunn, one of the primary characters, belongs. Although they are quite passionate about making music, they draw fewer crowds, prompting the school to contemplate eliminating the programme entirely. After observing the election for school president, Gunn attempts to run for the position.

My School President Episode 2 Release Date: Gun is Now Tinn's Servant

He is overshadowed by Tinn’s performance, who ultimately wins the title. While being honoured, he states that he would close any club that does not contribute to the school’s popularity. Gunn requests some time so they may demonstrate that they are talented vocalists and not just troublemakers.

Tinn agrees to allow them to locate a concert, and Gunn begins searching for it throughout the school. They discover no other competition besides an unsuitable music contest. They are instructed to quit performing in a public place. Gunn resolves to give his all in the folk song competition because there is no other option and the fate of the music club rests on their shoulders.

When they get to the location, they discover that Tinn is one of the judges. They continue to offer their best performance despite their disbelief. Although the judge’s votes are insufficient to win, the audience’s votes are quick enough to win. We later discover that Tinn was the mastermind behind all of this and intended to indirectly assist the music club.