What is Harry Styles’s My Policeman Release Date? All Updates Are Here!

Harry Styles will play the title part in the newest British romance drama, My Policeman, in addition to his just released new album and Olivia Wilde’s upcoming suspense film, Don’t Worry Darling.

Michael Grandage‘s film “My Policeman” is based on Bethan Roberts‘ 2012 book of the same name. He said, “This story is about two people who are in love with Tom and a little bit obsessed with him. Harry, the entire world is fixated on him and his every move.

The release date, cast, trailer, and many other details for My Policeman will all be covered in this post. So follow along with us till the article’s conclusion.

Quick Facts About My Policeman

Name My Policeman
Available on  Prime Video
Director Michael Grandage
Genre Drama, Romance
My Policeman Release Date October 21, 2022

About My Policeman

My Policeman, which is based on Bethan Roberts‘ book of the same name, is mostly set in 1950s Brighton and centres on police officer Tom Burgess.

Both Marion, a teacher, and Patrick, a museum curator, are in love with Tom, portrayed by Styles, but their happiness is threatened by a secret that the two share.

The movie’s director, Michael Grandage, explained why he chose Styles for the part in a recently-released interview, saying: “This narrative is about two people who are in love with Tom, little obsessed with him. The entire world is fixated on Harry and follows his every move.

Because the characters’ decisions have long-term effects, the dramatic scenes will also depict recent occurrences.

Release Date of My Policeman

The movie My Policeman will open in theatres on October 21, 2022. The movie will thereafter be made available on Amazon Prime Video on November 4, 2022. My Policeman started filming in April 2021, largely in Brighton and London.

Cast and Characters of My Policeman

The following cast members for My Policeman have been confirmed.

  • As an elderly Tom, Linus Roache
  • As Gina McKee ages Marion
  • Tom Burgess, played by Harry Styles
  • Marion Taylor, played by Emma Corrin
  • Patrick Hazlewood is played by David Dawson.

Naturally, a lot of discussion around My Policeman has centred on the choice to cast singer-songwriter Harry Styles in the character of gay policeman Tom.

David Dawson, who starred in Peaky Blinders and Luther, will play Tom’s wife Marion, who learns of her husband’s forbidden love for Patrick Hazlewood via The Crown actress Emma Corrin.

Other actors have played the roles in earlier iterations; Tom is represented by Linus Roache, Marion by Gina McKee, and Patrick by Rupert Everett. Additionally, Kadiff Kirwan appears in a secret capacity.

The Plot: What is the Storyline of My Policeman?

The 1950s, a time of rapidly changing social culture, history, and politics, are when My Policeman is set. A young police officer named Tom Burgess is caught in the middle of history’s shifting tides when he falls in love with Patrick Hazelwood, an artistic museum curator.

My Policeman Release Date

Along comes Marion, a teacher who develops feelings for Tom. Since Tom and Patrick’s relationship seems unattainable given the times they live in, he marries Marion but never quits loving Patrick.

And so starts a difficult journey shared by three young people as they navigate social change, emotional upheaval, and unfulfilled love.

The three characters’ yearning and regret from throughout their lives continue to surround them as the plot develops and time passes.

My Policeman is a story about a lengthy and difficult journey through life rather than a mystery or a suspenseful plot.

We already know what it’s about, but we haven’t yet learned how each character navigates their social identities, emotions, and self-discoveries, or how the chaos in their lives finally comes together.

Official Trailer of My Policeman

On June 15, 2022, Amazon Studios released the romantic drama film’s official trailer. My Policeman appears to be an emotional rollercoaster for the three main protagonists, based on what the teaser portrays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Was My Policeman Shot?

My Policeman began primary photography in April 2021, and numerous sites in London, Brighton, and Hove were used for the filming.

Where Can We View My Policeman?

From November 3, 2022, My Policeman will be viewable on Amazon Prime Video.

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