My Husband Won’T Fit Plot with All FAQ’s

You know my husband won’t fit too. Ohh! NO, It was a part of joke. My Husband won’t fit is a japanese series available on Fuji TV and Netflix.

As this series follows the Dramatic and Romantic genre (one of my favourite genre), I was curious about “My husband won’t fit”. 

Originally, My husband won’t fit is known as “Otto no chinpo ga hairanai” in Japan and this season was released in Japanese language and the Japanese title of the series was (夫のちんぽが入らない).

  • The original language of the series is Japanese.
  • It has 10 episodes to watch.
  • The running time of the episode is 40 minutes each.
  • The original network is Fuji TV.
  • The number of seasons is 1
  • The origin of the country is Japan.
  • The starring characters are Natsumi Ishibashi and Aoi Nakamura.

My husband won’t fit is based on a Japanese language television series.

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My Husband Won’T Fit

What Does It Won’T Fit Mean?

In the movie, wont fit talks about the rare condition of Kumiko where during any kind of penetration, the muscles will tighten enough to not let anything penetrate.

What Is My Husband Doesn’T Fit for?

The story of My husband wont fit is about Kumiko and Kenichi and their love story. How they work out their marriage with all the issues and Kumiko’s rare condition.

How Many Episodes Are There in My Husband Won’T Fit?

There are 10 total episodes in this series to watch. First episode is 45 minutes long. The longest episode in the show is 47 minutes long. Rest shows are less in duration around 28 to 33 minutes long.

Will There Be a Season 2 of “My Husband Won’T Fit”?

The first season of My husband won’t fit was released on March 19,2019. There is no official announcement for season 2 for the same by Netflix or the show producers. It may or may not get renewed for the fans to watch it.

About the series (My husband won’t fit)

My Husband Won’T Fit

The story is based on Kumiko and Kenichi. Kumiko leaves his town and goes to university for further studies, where she meets Kenichi. They get romantically involved with each other and face difficult situations because Kumiko suffers from a severe and rare condition called vaginismus.

It is a condition where a female’s vagina tightens with any kind of penetration. Whenever any kind of penetration is attempted the muscle will automatically tighten. The female has no control over it. In Kumiko’s case it becomes impossible to penetrate.

This explains the title of the movie, husband won’t fit. Not because of the husband but her vaginal muscles won’t relax for penetration. After all this, they decide to get married and work as teachers. After marriage they have many issues, their marriage gets a little intense and fragile. But, they still struggle and make their marriage work.

They finally decided to have kids but then they tried different methods for pregnancy. But Kenichi learns about her past. He decided not to have kids but then their family makes this an issue.

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My Husband Won’t Fit Season 1 Cast

  • Natsumi Ishibashi (Main role)
  • Aoi Nakamura (Main role)
  • Mariko Tsutsui
  • Motoki Ochiai
  • Satoru Matsuo
  • Machiko Ono

My Husband Won’t Fit Season 1 Release Date

My husband won’t fit was officially released on 20 March, 2019 on Fuji TV and English dubbed is available on Netflix.

Here you can watch the trailer of the series . Go and check the trailer. 

Ratings : My husband won’t fit

The rating of the series are as follows :-

  • It has got an imdb rating of 6.5/10 by 716 users.
  • It has got an my drama list rating of 6.9/10 by 879 users

The Conclusion 

I hope you will understand about the Dramatic Series and if you have not watched the Season 1 then, just go and watch.

Do share your experiences about this series with us in the comment box below and let us know if you have any queries! Stay tuned with us for more Romantic and drama series updates!

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