My Hero Academia Season 5: Another New Anime Going To Add In 2021


As you know we often talk about animes, today we are gonna add one more to our list which is My Hero Academia . Being an anime lover, watching this kind of anime is something we really want. We are going to talk about Academia Season 5 and its possibilities that will it happen or not.

My Hero Academia is from those gems of animes that you are going to love for sure whether you are watching the subversion or dub.


There will be more fun with new battles, wars, love scenes, intimacy, and more in season 5. Maybe we are gonna see some more powers of Hawk's or Nomu's strength get increased so much.

“Don’t worry about what other people think. Hold your head up high and plunge forward.” – Izuku Midoriya

The plotline for the new slice is not revealed yet, but no worries we have more things to know about this, let check them out first.


Release Date of My Hero Academia Season 5

The creators have decided to make the anime fans happier with this new year. The anime is scheduled to be released on March 27, 2021. What a relief right?

Where To Watch My Hero Academia Season 5?

Well, many of the academia fans are asking me for the same question that- where we can watch the fifth installment?

As you know Netflix is adding more and more animes to their platforms and why not they will not add more to it? Netflix is a brand itself with its original contents. Some people are insane for Netflix, just like me I mean how can you resist yourself from watching more and more.

Netflix exclusive anime is Seven Deadly Sins

Moreover, the only thing I wanna tell you guys is to keep your subscription up to date before the march, so that we could enjoy the new academia series together 🙂

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Characters of My Hero Academia Season 5

We could hope to see the old characters again like-Akatsuki Bakugo, Michael Tatum, Chaco Muranaka, Clifford Chapin, Luci Christian, Kenya Lida, Izuku Midoriya, and Justin Briner.

Moreover, we could expect some new characters, just for making the anime more fun and adventurous but at this point in time the creators haven't revealed their list of the new cast, so at this period, we could not say anything on our own.

When we get further more details, we would update the correct information in the same post.

my hero academia season 5

Fans Eagarness For Academia Season 5

Waiting for season 5, very-very-very excited for the fifth one, eager to know the new faces with a new voice, urgggghhhh Love with the Academia drama.

I really hope season 5 will be more than just the class battle arc. At least go further than that.

When season 5 comes out can you post the episodes pls? Waiting for the season 5

I know this is an ova but I have no way to watch them so ima watch this… Roses are red violets are blue I got rickrolled and so did you.

I am sorry for saying this randomly, but I just looked up if the ships are getting sailed in season five, and I also saw “people also ask” and one of the commonly asked things was “what are the most hated ships in mha” and the #1 was “Mineta x anyone”

As a manga reader, Imma just say that this arc WILL NOT disappoint, especially wit what happens to Deku

A Teaser of My Hero Academia Season 5

Terminal Words

Our today's post is completely inspired by this New Anime name My Academia Season five. The anime is scheduled to be released on March,27 of the same year. The real plotline is not revealed yet and for the star cast, the old one will remain the same.

We have tried to cover everything we know about the fiffth slice, hope you find this article informative. Do you want to ask us anything? Then go ahead, comment on your queries we would love to clear them out for you💛💛💛

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Common Questions

Is My Hero Academia is available on Netflix?

If you are willing to watch the previous season then you can watch it on Netflix, whereas for the fifth installment you have to wait. The series was scheduled to be released on March 27, 2021.

Is My Hero Academia season 5 will be the last season?

There is no solid reason for this because the creators haven't share anything further about the ending or about the last one. Maybe season five will end and then we will see some new related projects.