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My First Girlfriend Is a Gal: Is This Series Coming in 2022!

Updated As on 27 January 2022

Are you a teenager and willing to have a ‘gal’ girlfriend? Well, You need few lessons from Junichi. Yes, friends, you guessed it correctly. I am talking about My First Girlfriend Is a Gal. The second installment of the anime is coming to teach you more.

My First Girlfriend Is a Gal (Hajimete no Gyaru in Japanese) is a Japanese, romantic-comedy anime Tv series based on the manga series having the same title. Written by Meguru Ueno, its began serialization in the shōnen manga of Kadokawa Shoten magazine. It firsts published in November 2015 and managed to continue with us so far. Eleven volumes of the manga are created to date, and still a long way to go.

NAZ adapted it as anime television series whose season 1 premiered from July 12 to September 13, 2017, having ten episodes. Shortly after the end of Season 1, an OVA episode was released on December 26, 2017. Fans are eagerly waiting to watch the second installment since then. If you are one of the fans, keep reading to know about Season 2.

The Cast of My First Girlfriend Is a Gal Season 2? Who Will We Meet?

My First Girlfriend Is a Gal`

All the characters from season 1 will likely return for the sequel except a few. It will include-

  • The protagonist couple Junichi Hashiba, a high school guy, and his girlfriend Yukana Yame and their friends cum gang.
  • Ranko Honjō- Yukana’s childhood friend.
  • Nene Fujinoki- Junichi’s childhood friend. She had feelings for him.
  • Yui Kashī- He has a dual personality. One at school and another over the internet from the name Boa.
  • Junichi’s perverted friends include Shinpei Sakamoto, Keigo Ishida, and Minoru Kobayakawa.

We will likely meet new faces as well.

The Plot of My First Girlfriend Is a Gal Season 2? What to Expect from It?

My First Girlfriend Is a Gal

In season 1, we saw Junichi Hashiba, a high school boy, desperately looking for a girlfriend. He was a pervert and just wanted to make a girlfriend for his lust. His pervert friends asked him to propose to Yukana Yame, his classmate and an attractive gal. Despite knowing the intentions of Junichi, she became his girlfriend.

Soon Junichi started getting the attention of another gal from the school, which includes Ranko, Nene, and Yui. Girls were throwing themselves to Junichi to have sex, but he cleared everybody that he only wanted to lose his virginity to his love Yukana. Later they all became friends and hanged out together throughout the series. In the end relation between Yukana and Junichi reached another level.

In season 2, we will likely see how the relation between Yukana and Junichi will grow.

Name of Series My First Girlfriend Is a Gal
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Release Date Not Confirmed
No Of Season Released 1

The Release Date of My First Girlfriend Is a Gal Season 2? When Will It Air?

The finale episode of the first season ended on September 13, 2017, and after three months, an OVA episode premiered on December 26, 2017. Four years have elapsed, and we heard nothing about the sequel since then. According To Cinemaholic the Series has yet Not Renewed and has Chances To Be Premiered in 2023.

Is This Means We Will Not See the Sequel Ever Again?

My First Girlfriend Is a Gal

No, we can not say that. The anime is quite popular among teenagers. And enough source material is available to make the sequel. The anime has adapted only two volumes, and ten volumes are still left.

But Why Have They Not Renewed It Yet?

Sometimes the anime is used as the promotional material for the manga, and the same goes for this. We hope to see the sequel but not any time sooner. It will likely hit the screen somewhere in 2022 if ever made.

Is There Any Trailer Available For The My First Girlfriend Is a Gal Series?

The creators have not renewed the series for the second season. So, we can not think of a trailer as of now. We will let you know once the trailer arrives.

What Is The IMDB Rating of The My First Girlfriend Is a Gal Series?

Though the anime is quite popular amongst the teenager, it failed to impress several people. It scored an average rating of 6.0 out of 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we watch the My First Girlfriend Is a Gal series?

You can watch it on various platforms like Amazon prime video, Crunchyroll, anime-planet, and Funimation.

Final Verdict

It is light-hearted novel series. Though it has good characters, decent visuals, and pleasant soundtrack, it failed to provide a good storyline. The introduction of characters is not up to mark. The advancement of the plot is not at the correct pace. It seems that the story is rushing. The creators failed to add meaning to the anime. Its just consists of romance and comedy. Overall, if you are looking for something meaningful, do not go for it. Better animes are available to watch in this genre.

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