My First First Love Season 3: What about the Status of its Release Date?

Netflix always makes us happy with its amazing pick of series, every time they came up with adorable new shows and with sequels and prequels too, recalling from the prequels that “My First First Love Season 3” is being talked about a lot these days… so we thought to share a bunch of knowledge about this Netflix series with my lovelies.

Bring it on.

What About The My First First Love Is?

My First First Love Season 3

My First First Love is a Korean Drama series which is created by Jung Hyun-Jung written by Kim Ran and Directed by Oh-Jin Soek. The command of delivering the show is in the hands of Netflix.

The story focuses on the life of a group that consists of five youths and their bad and strange experience with their first love.

The main lead of the story is  Yun Tae, a college student but he had a friendship with academy dropouts, a boy who ran away from his house, and his childhood friends comprises in a group.

They all decided to went back to their house but at first, they all tried to live peacefully with each other.

The overall concept of the show is adorable which is the reason the series always ranked more than 7+ in the rating meters.

The first part came out on April 18, 2019, whereas right after one year a second installment came out in 2019 its credentials are in the hand of Jung Hyun-Jung.

My First First Love Season 3

My First First Love Season 3

After two admiring back-to-back series, now everyone out there is looking for “My First First Love Season 3but will it happen? I don’t think so the show will be out so early because Netflix hasn’t made some official statements regarding the show.

However, the show is not canceled too, so maybe in the future, we are going to see the show again.

If you are wondering about the dates, the creators take only a single year to make a sequel of the show, although everyone was expecting the same for the third installment too, the wave of coronavirus ruined everything.

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The pandemic might be the reason behind the delay in the show. We might hope to get the series in the future years but not in the recent one, at the point we don’t have the dates when we get the dates then we will refresh this post.

In My First First Love Season 3 Whom, We Are Going To Meet Up?

Definitely, we will see our cherished characters again without a doubt. We will meet Ji Soo as Yun Tae – (y)o with Jung Chae – Yeo as Han Song and Jung Jin-youthful as Seo Do – Hyeon.

Notwithstanding, we are additionally expecting to see-

  • Choi Ri as O Ga – rin
  • Kang Tae – oh as Choe Hun
  • Yoon Da – Hoon as Yun Jeong – Gil
  • Yoon Bok – in as Song – I’s mother
  • Jon Soo – Kyung as Ga – rin’s mother
  • Jo Seung – Yeon as Chie Seok hwan
  • Oh Young Shil as Hoon’s mother
  • Park Yoo rim as Choe Min-ah
  • Kim Jae Young as Dae – gen
  • Jun Yun – Seok as Yun Yeong – ho

We likewise want to see some more Korean entertainers in the show to make it more diversion for the crowd.

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Rotten Tomatoes gave the first season a 92% average audience rating, while the second season garnered an 80% rating. Fans appear to be content with how the first season concluded and wish to leave the plot alone. As a result, a third season might have a negative influence on the series.

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How Many Episodes of My First First Love Have?

The first season has eight episodes and the second one has the same figure too… simply means that the complete show has only sixteen that you can cover in just sixteen days or a week depending upon your cravings.

Basically, the show is available to stream on Netflix but if your subscription is exhausted then you can also view it on Prime Videos.

Final Lines-

So do you have more queries that we have missed? If so then no worries ping me below in the comment section with your queries… I am going to answer that too.

Desire to see the same faces in our next post in which we are going to talk about Grown Up Season 3, so stay tuned.