Mrs. Fletcher Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled? Check Here!

Updated On 26 January 2022

Whenever feeling down, watch a comedy show. There is no denying that comedy shows are and will always be fan favorites. Yeah, I can understand that not every person is very fond of action movies or horror movies but everyone loves Comedy shows right? That’s why series like The Office, Archer, The Big bang theory are doing great in the industry. Likewise, there is another comedy series that you might don’t know or maybe know. A true gem for the lover of comedy, Mrs. Flecker is something you shouldn’t miss. 

An American comedy series that already tops the list in making people laugh is lately in talk. The show has already released its two seasons and now people are eagerly waiting for the second season, But the future is not that bright. 

Despite being a fan favorite, will this series be back? Well to know that you must read this article till the end. If you are a fan of this series then I am sure you will be going crazy over this show. So let's start. 

Mrs. Fletcher – A Perfect Comedy show

The comedy series, Mrs. Fletcher is an American series that was first released on October 27, 2019. Mrs. Fletcher is actually based on a popular novel that shares the same name. The author of this novel is Tom Perrotta, who has written the leftovers book. The series comes under the popular TV Network HBO, which is already popular for its amazing series. 

Created by Tom Perrotta and directed by Nicole Holofcener, this series has already been popular among people. The series is based on the life of Mrs. Fletcher and her family. She and her husband were not really into each other and that's why they decided to get divorced. 

After getting divorced, she started to feel attracted to her son’s friends. Her son, Brendan, also feels the sexual changes in his body. 

 Mrs. Fletcher Season 2 – Confirmed Or Not?

Mrs. Fletcher 2

The first season of Mrs. Fletcher was announced on 16 August 2019. Later the show was officially premiered on  October 27, 2019. The comedy nature of this show attracted a lot of people and the show became popular among all ages of people. Mrs. Fletcher even gained a lot of appreciation and even ranked in the comedy category. 

With all these things happening, people are hoping that there will be season 2. The storyline of this show is quite appealing to the people of this era. The messages which this show conveys are a hundred percent worth checking for. 

Also, we have seen that series like Mrs. Fletcher, who focuses on sexuality, have been on the top list for years. These are the things that require more talks but people out there don’t talk about it. Through the medium of these shows, the world will know the importance of these things. One of the live examples is the series Sex Education, Lovesick, and Everything Sucks which receives immense popularity over just a few years.

Despite the show being popular, it is not going to return. Yes, you heard it right. The show Mrs. Fletcher is already canceled and I don't think that it will return. 

The audience was in shock and there was a widespread demand for the second season, but unfortunately, it is not happening.

 Mrs. Fletcher Season 2 – Why the Show Cancelled?

Mrs. Fletcher season 2 updates

The series is already canceled to release its second season. People are really wondering about the reasons and why it happened. The show was already famous and received quite a good amount of fanbase. When asked with the creators of the show they said that it was already planned from before. 

As you know that the story is adapted from a book by Tom Perrotta and the creators don’t wanna extend the story behind it. The book only has one part, which is already being used in the first season. There is no story left to cover so that's why they have canceled the show. 

But looking back at the show, there might be possibilities to restart it. What are they? To find out, read the next section. 

 Mrs. Fletcher Season 2 – What Will Happen to This Show?

The ending of Mrs. Fletcher was quite smooth but there are already so many options to add. The story ends on a good note but if the writer wants, he can extend the story. 

Moreover, the president of HBO’s programming said in an interview that, “This ending is an ending of an arc, not an ending of a life. So, yes, I think there's more room,” He also added that there will be so much more to be told in the story and if there will, the show will definitely going to have a blast. 

But on the other hand, they don’t want to go beyond the work of Tom Perrotta. The only chance left is him. If the writer starts to write the sequel of this book then he can completely turn the tables upside down. 

Furthermore, the main protagonist of this show i.e Kathryn Hahn (who is played by Eve Fletcher) has said that she wants the sequel. She said this by saying, “Hahn injects specificity into the role, turning those broader strokes into much finer ones with a performance that teems with emotion but also sensuality.”

Where Can I Watch This Series?

After reading this, do you want to watch the popular American Comedy series? Because if you want then you can. The series is exclusively available on Disney Hotstar. You can head towards them and laugh your heart out. 

Other than that Disney Hotstar also has some amazing shows like Joker, Sex Education, Money Heist, Wandavision, and many more series.  

What Are the Ratings of This Show?

With 7.1/10 IMDb ratings and 82% of rotten tomatoes, the show goes quite a long way in making a good critics rating. The show is appreciated for its comedy and the critics especially loved the performance of Eve Fletcher who played the role of Kathryn Hanh. 

The audience loved the show and said that they are not really happy with the ending. Of Course, they want more episodes to entertain. All the love and support of the people make the show rating 4.3.

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What Is the Reaction of the People?

The fans are not really happy after listening to the news. After doing some research on the social networking site, I came across several tweets and reviews of people showing their interest in the sequel. A large number of people were sad that the creators of the show are not releasing the second part. I’ll be posting some of the reactions of the people below so that you can take a look. 

On the other hand, there are several petitions going on for the demand of the second season. We have seen how the power of people can return any show. Like the popular show, Lucifer is an example of this. 

Final Words

The comedy series, Mrs. Fletcher has come to an end after the release of the first season. The producers of the show have said that there will be no more sequel but the actors and even HBO’s programming director show their interest to continue their work on Mrs. Fletcher. The show is based on the book of Tom Perrotta and the creators don’t want to extend the story behind his imagination. They have said that all these things are just happening in his head and it will be not good to make a sequel. 

There are speculations that if Tom Perrotta decided to write another sequel then there will be season two of Mrs. Fletcher but it is still not clear. If there will be any updates then I’ll edit this article. 

Till then, if you have any questions, then feel free to ask in our comment section. Keep yourself updated with all the latest news from our website and get all the recent updates.