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Are you a fan of comedy drama Series, then you also Know about Mr Iglesias which is a good funny American drama about students and Gabe Iglesias, who is a history teacher in High School.

Whose character you like the most in the series if you watch Mr Iglesias drama show, if you ask me I will say I love the principal Character in the drama.

Created by Kevin Hench, Mr Iglesias is an American drama series which premiered on Netflix on June 21, 2019. The main lead role of this comedy drama is Gabe Iglesias with many other cast and characters.

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The show is produced by Joe Meloche, Kevin Hench and Ron De Blasio which is a good TV drama series that runs for 26-32 min per episode on Netflix. There are 21 episodes of the series and the 3rd part is also considered as the 2nd part of the 2nd season.

So we either call it season 3 or the second part of the 2nd season. Let’s know more about Mr Iglesias Season 3 which premiered in 2020 after the Second season premiered on June 17, 2020.

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Mr Iglesias Part 3 official Trailer

Release Date of Mr Iglesias Season 3

Mr Iglesias Season 3

Mr Iglesias Season 3 or part 3 is considered to be the same and it premiered on December 8, 2020 on Netflix. We can also say that it is also considered as the 2nd part of the second season by continuing it as Season 3 on Netflix which was released the previous year.

Now Fans are also expecting to watch season 4 or 4th part of Mr. Iglesias comedy show.

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Main Cast

Who Is in the Cast of Iglesias Season 3?


Main cast of the Iglesias Season 3 or the Second part are-

  • Gabriel Iglesias as Gabe Iglesias who plays the lead role in the season and is a loving history teacher at Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach, California.
  • Sherri Shepherd as Paula Madison who plays the role of divorced Principal in the show and always searches for a new man for dating.

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  • Jacob Vargas as Tony Ochoa. He is also a history teacher in the Wilson High School and is attracted to Abby and his best friend is Gabe.
  • Maggie Geha as Abby Spencer and she is the naive rookie history teacher and her feelings are not the same for Tony, as Tony feels for her.
  • Richard Gant as Ray Hayward. He is Gabe and Tony’s old Teacher and still teaches at Wilson High and he teaches English Language.

Mr Iglesias Season 3


Synopsis of Mr Iglesias season 3

As you all seen in above video, Gabe receives a box to stress out his students and when he take one of the tablet out to give to his students, one student say he think it would be Adderall (a somewhat kind of drug) but Gabe wants to gift his students Tablets who have moved into their junior year of high school.

Episode Details in Brief-

Mr Iglesias Season 3

There are 5 episodes in Season 3 of Mr Iglesias and they are-

  1. Technically Speaking

In this Mikey tries to overcome his shyness with Marisol so Gabe faces a problem after he gifted Tablets to his Students.

2. Good Things

In the 2nd episode he gives the assignment to the students, to know what they think of their future.

3. Playing Favourites

In this episode good and fun loving history teacher Gabe has to overcompensate as he was called out for his favourite student.

4. You ‘re Dad to Me

In the 4th episode Gabe interferes in Marisol's Relationship with her no longer Father.

5. The Big Dance

In the last Episode his Students are not happy to attend a dance in a holiday party so Gabe looks for many ways to boost their confidence until he knows the real reason for their reluctance.

People Also Asked Question-

Is Mr Iglesias is a good Show?

Yes, Mr Iglesias is a comedy show and classic sitcom which you can watch with your family also. It is funny with some mature Humour in it and we love the characters of the show.

Why is Mr Iglesias season 3 only 5 episodes?

As I said in the beginning of the article it was split from Season 2, and seasons 2nd and 3rd are the 2nd and 3rd part of the series respectively.

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Will there be a fourth Part of the Mr Iglesias?

Officially it was not announced, but we can expect Mr Iglesias will come back for 4th season  soon.

Where is Mr Iglesias Filmed?

At CBS Studio Centre in Studio City, Mr Iglesias Series was shot.

Where to Watch all Season of Mr Iglesias?

You can watch it on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and even on 123movies which stream all TV shows and movies free of cost.

Audience Reviews and Ratings to the Mr Iglesias season 3

The situations in the series look real and the cast or students are chosen right for the roles in the High School and the combination of the high school situation matches with good humour.

There is 60% score on Rotten Tomatoes given to Mr Iglesias Season 3.

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Mr Iglesias is a comedy drama series which can be seen by all the family members and if not watch the series then you are definitely missing somewhat as it was a good comedy
American TV drama.

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