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Move to Heaven Season 2: When is It Going to Be Renewed?

South Korean television series Move To Heaven On May 14, 2021, Netflix will broadcast the complete film. It’s the first Netflix original series to chronicle the lives of an Asperger’s syndrome patient and his caregiver.

While South Korean operas are seldom revived for a second season. Fans have begun to speculate about the possibility of the second season of Move To Heaven. In this piece, we’ll inform you whether Netflix’s Move To Heaven Season 2 will be released.

Move To Heaven Season 2 is a completely different sort of romantic K-Drama that we’re used to seeing. It’s no secret that Netflix has become a haven for filmmakers from all around the world to showcase their greatest work.

The second season of Move to Heaven explores the underlying significance behind the protagonist’s unsightly work. In the face of eventual death, the pair “Move to Heaven” gracefully handles it. Isn’t it odd that you’re doing this job?

Move to Heaven Season 2

As we learn about new customs from around the world, we gain a better understanding of how other cultures express themselves through the things they do. There is a deeper meaning to every seemingly little detail. The story’s substance can only be grasped by someone with an open mind and heart.

What Is The Release Date For Move To Heaven Season 2?

Move to Heaven Season 1 premiered on May 14, 2021, making it the first original Korean drama series to do so. K-drama fans are eager to begin a new chapter in their favorite characters’ lives, even if it hasn’t been long since the last episode.

Season one of Move to Heaven featured a few unresolved ends, which might lead to a Season 2 premiere. According to trendingnewsbuzz Move To Heaven Season 2’s release date has yet to be confirmed, we can anticipate it to arrive by the end of the year at the latest.

What Can We Expect From Season 2 of Move To Heaven?

Despite the fact that there has been no formal notification. The way Season 1 concluded suggested that the show will be resurrected. In the end, Joo Young manages to elude the cops, and he is most likely preparing vengeance for his empire’s demise. Furthermore, Na Mu has a crush on Geu-ru, creating a new foundation for Move To Heaven Season 2.

Will “Move to Heaven” Have a Second Season?

Move to Heaven Season 2

So far, neither the showrunners nor Netflix has commented on the possibility of a second season of the Korean drama, but the narrative of Geu Roo and his uncle Jo Sang Goo appears to be continuing into a second season based on the newest chapter. Joo Young is likely to seek vengeance for the loss of his kingdom because he manages to evade the forces of order at the end of the first part of “Moving to Heaven.” Is the safety of Roo and Jo Sang Goo jeopardized?

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If the company decides to create another season, it may be launched by the end of 2022, keeping the Pandemic in mind. Because this presentation was so well received by the audience, it’s possible that it may happen sooner than predicted.

Who Could Be the Cast of Move to Heaven Season 2?

It’s unknown whether the streamer will return for Season 2 of Move To Heaven. It is fair to expect Lee Je-Hoon, who plays Cho Sang-gu, and Tang Joon-sang, who plays Han Geu-Ru, to return for the second season. Furthermore, Ji Jin-hee as Han Lee Moon-Sik would return as Park Joo-Taek, I’m Won-hee as Oh Hyun-chang, and Hong Seung-hee as Yoon Na-mu.

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Furthermore, the ending hints to the reappearance of Hongseok as Park Jun-Yeong, Jung Young-Joo as Oh Mi-ran, and Park Jung-Won as Su-younger Cheol’s sister Kim Su-jin. They may be joined by Jung Ae-Young as Madam Jung and Choi Soo-Young as Son Woo-rim. The second season would also include Yoon Ji-Hye as Lee Ju-Yeong and Lee Re as “butterfly girl” Cha Eun-Byeol. There is, however, a good chance that some fresh faces may enter the second round. Jeong-woo and Kim Ju-Yeon as Min Ji-won are expected to resurface in flashbacks and as Geu-memories Ru’s. Other Jeong-workplace woo partners would return as well.

What Would Be the Storyline of Move to Heaven Season 2?

In Season 1, Sang Gu accepts Geu Ru’s guardianship in order to get a financial advantage. Nevertheless, by the end of the first season, he had formed a close emotional attachment with his nephew and had given up any covert reasons for sticking with him.

He decides to go back to the clandestine boxing ring in order to get his house deed, risking his life in the process. He is devoted to Geu Ru, as evidenced by this. At the conclusion of the episode, viewers will see that Joo Young is free to leave when the police bust the illegal gambling operation.

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Joo Young might make a comeback in season 2 as a rival out for vengeance. On the uncle-nephew team whose deeds caused the gambling ring to be destroyed. Geu Ru’s Asperger’s syndrome concerns were well illustrated in Season 1; nevertheless, despite Geu Ru’s impressive character development, it is unclear where his story will go from here.

When he and his loved ones encounter new difficulties and adversaries, we could see a different side of him. Furthermore, as Na-mu feels affection for him, it is anticipated that their connection would get stronger in the upcoming season. The difficulties that ensue from their romance will be fascinating to observe.


Move to Heaven was inspired by the article “Things Left Behind” written by Kim Sae-byul, a former “trauma cleaner.” Following his father’s death, Sang Gu (Lee Je-hoon) and his nephew Geu Ru meet for the first time. “Move to Heaven” is a family trauma cleaning firm managed by Sang-gu and his nephew, who unearth unknown truths about the deceased as Sang-gu deals with his difficult history with Geu-father ru’s and the violent episode that resulted in him being imprisoned.