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Most Valuable Playing Card Decks on This Planet

Where did playing cards come from? Well, the exact origin of playing cards is disputed. Some historians claim that playing cards originated in India and were adapted from the game of chess. Others believe they were created in Egypt as tools for sorcery and fortune-telling. The oldest recorded mention of the usage of playing cards dates from the eleventh century and originates from the Orient. The Middle East brought playing cards to Europe in the thirteenth century. According to evidence, they originally landed in Italy or Spain and swiftly spread over the continent.

A 52 cards deck is something that many people purchase as an inexpensive source of entertainment that allows them to play a variety of card games such as Rummy, Poker, Bridges, and many more. For some card games are more than just a hobby, and for some, they have turned it into a career. They often have no problem investing a higher sum for a collectible card deck. Some people are even ready to spend a hefty sum on rare decks of cards that are valuable because of their design, value, history, or appearance. Below are some of the most valuable card decks around the world.

  • The Fontaine Futures 500 Edition

Fontaine Cards created Fontaine Futures 500 in 2019 and only 500 decks were made. The business produced 10,500 decks in a series with six unique styles. The collection’s distinctive feature is the blind bag release of each design. The 500 Edition card decks sell for between $250 and $300 and include the colors red, white, and blue.

  • The Smoke & Mirrors Gold Private Reserve

The D&D Playing Card Company manufactured and The United States Playing Card Company printed 2,500 Smoke & Mirrors Gold Private Reserve cards. Created by Si Scott for Dan and Dave, the magicians, contributed to the original artwork of the deck. The decks were produced in quantities of 2,500 and are now worth $350.

  • The Venexiana Gold

Designer Lotrek was challenged by the card makers that it was impossible to make a back-side gold-plated card deck. However, Lotrek discovered a facility where the foil could be manually applied. The challenging process involved in designing the deck resulted in a very less number of units created. Venexiana Gold playing cards could fetch roughly $425 per deck from collectors.

  • The Red Fontaine

One of the most well-known collectible card companies, The Fontaine Cards was established in 2013 by magician and designer Zach Mueller. In 2013, Mueller created the Red Fontaine playing cards, and 2,500 decks were made. They now have a $600 value.

  • The Scarlett Tally-Ho – Legacy Edition

Jackson Robinson created the Scarlett Tally-Ho Legacy Edition playing cards, which Kings Wild Project manufactured in 2015. The design was only used in 50 decks, hence its scarcity has increased their worth. Based on data from internet auctions, these cards are projected to be worth $650.

  • The White Centurions

In 2008, just 1,100 decks of White Centurions cards were printed. Theory 11 created them and produced them. The company’s well-liked Bicycle Centurions playing card decks had a limited run. The price of the cards now ranges from $600 to $800.

  • Create Magic by David Blaine

David Blaine’s Create Magic is one of the most valuable decks of cards in existence. The cards were created by magician David Blaine, and they were printed in 2015 by the Expert Playing Card Company. Although Blaine first stated that only 2,015 cards were made, he has subsequently admitted that more decks of cards are there and he has been releasing a few annually. They’re now worth over $1000.

With the emergence of online card games, one doesn’t need to invest even a single penny in purchasing a playing card deck. You can just download the app or log in to a website of the game that you like and start playing. For instance, if you like playing Indian Rummy, you can download India’s best rummy app and start enjoying the game on your ios devices.