Planning a Valentine’s Movie Night? Here Are 5 Most Romantic Movies Of All Time

While thinking of a perfect date night idea with our lover, the thought of Movie will surely hit in our mind. Movies are the best thing to watch when you want to escape yourself from reality. But, if you have someone beside you to hold your hands while watching it that hits differently. Valentine’s day is already here and if you are planning to have a Movie date night with your partner then you are going absolutely right. On this Valentine’s day watch some of the Amazing romantic movies with your partner and let the love spread. 

Now if you are confused between the movies then we are here for you. Here are top 5 Classic romantic movies which you should definitely check out. 

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The Notebook 

the notebook

An everlasting romantic movie which is a must to watch on this valentine’s day. Based on the one of the best seller novels by Nicholas Spark is one of the heart warming romantic movies. Noah met a beautiful girl Allie when she came on a Vacation. They both were young and fell for each other but destiny had something else for them. Allie was from a rich house whereas our Noah is just a normal boy. As time passes by, Allie decides to marry some other guy but he encounters Noah in a newspaper. All her feelings for him rushed back and she cut off the wedding. Later in the story, they both meet and fall for each other. You will love the story and it is nothing but a true love story. However, the ending is sad but it is worth watching. 

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La La Land 

lala land

Coming to the next amazing, Oscar winning movie which will set your Valentine’s night into romance. The idea of this movie is that not all love stories should end in a Happy note and sometimes the happiness of the person you love is more important than any other thing. Revolves around the same actor of The Notebook, Ryan Gosling and the beautiful Emma Stone, this movie is different from the other romantic movies. While living their initial lives the Mia Dolan (Emma Stone) and Seb (Ryan Gosling) met each other accidentally. Mia, who was a young actress and struggling to find a role in the movies and Seb was just a normal jazz guitarist.

The chemistry of these two characters are a must to watch. Seb was a normal restaurant singer and while playing in the restaurant, the owner told him to only play Christmas songs but he doesn’t listen to him. All these led to the fire of Seb. Mia, who was seeing all this, thought of compliments Seb but Seb was not in mood. After some time, they both meet at a party and have a little conversation and by now you’ll see Seb falling for her. This movie has 14 Grammy nominations and if you haven’t seen it till yet then this is your sign to watch it.

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The Princess Bride

the princess bride

Released in 1987 with the aim to rule over the hearts of people and this movie has totally earned the respect and love from the people. The princess bride still remains the classic romantic movie of all time. While watching this movie, you are going to feel the royalty for sure. The best part about this movie is it’s narrative style of presenting the story. The movie revolves around the beautiful girl buttercup, who lives in Florin. There was another character, who was her farmhand named Westley. He follows her instructions by saying “As you wish” but you’ll see that Westley loves her deeply.

Soon buttercup also found out this and she started to love him too. But love is never as simple as it sounds and that’s what buttercup realized. To have a happy afterlife, buttercup and Westley decided to run away and get married. While in the sea, they get attacked by pirates who want Westley to be dead. The story gets interesting as you move forward. This Classic movie will always remain in the choice of people who are into old classic romantic movies.

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P.S. I Love You 

We’re always supposed to fall for the fictional characters and this is rightly expressed in this movie, P.S I Love you. Based on the bestseller novel by Cecelia Ahern, this one is not like the other movies and if you are one of those people who love to see happy endings then this movie should be on your bucket list. A 2007 movie which shows the life of Holly and Garry. The movie shows how it is hard for a person to live without their love. Garry and Holly are young married couples who are madly in love with each other. Like every other couple, they fight sometimes but still come to each other. Their life is going happily but one day Garry died because of Brain tumor. Holly was deeply sad and learned how it is impossible for her to live without Garry.

Later, he finds a motivation in life and this storyline is one of the greatest. The critics didn’t praises this movie but the box office shows a great response and till now, this movie is one of the romantic movies. 

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The list is incomplete without this movie. The all time popular romantic movie is a best way to spend your date night with your partner. This movie will forever remain the most epic one and there is no doubt. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are the main characters of this movie and there is no doubt that they are best. Both the actors have a great chemistry inside the movie and this is the proof that still today, the movie is grossing billions of money. The movie starts with the search for a rare necklace which has a blue diamond, also known as “The heart of ocean”. Then we met an old lady who seemed to have knowledge  about this necklace and she started telling the story to her granddaughters. Jack, who was a normal guy who won money through gambling and took the great and follows his dream titanic ship to travel.

While being in titanic they both met accidentally and Rose found out that Jake is a great artist. Because of the difference in family status Rose mother unapproved her love and she already got a finance partner who she doesn’t love. The titanic ship was made this way so that it would never sink and during one night the ship got cut by a huge iceberg. The ship sank in the water and Jack saved Rose but he died in the end. One of the classic romantic movies will be a great option to watch on Valentine’s evening. 

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Movies are the cultural representation of the people and it is a way to tell the story in an artistic manner. While there are many movies to watch, we have only listed the Top 5 movies for you. Watch this movie on Valentine’s Night and have a perfect date night with your partner. Hold her/his hand throughout the movie and tell him/her your feelings. Movies are the perfect way to express your emotions and we don’t know what will be cuter than that. Prepare some delicious dinner and a bottle of wine to make the weather more romantic. We hope that you have a perfect movie night with your partner. 

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