11 Most Recommended PPT Template Designs for Students


Students have a lot of work to do. They spend countless hours in school each day and then come home with a whole stack of homework. Therefore they need an organized way to plan their time and work. And that’s where presentations come into the picture!

PowerPoint presentations can work as a miracle for students. It helps them segregate their subjects, present their work to the faculty, and whatnot! Students can build their confidence and enhance their communication skills by presenting well. The tricky part is: do the students have the time or desire to prepare presentations? And, the answer is NO!


That’s why you have SlideTeam – the world’s largest repository of pre-designed PowerPoint templates.

SlideTeam offers a wide variety of PPT designs that students can use for school presentations. The 11 most recommended designs are listed here, along with a brief description of each. These layouts are sure to help your next presentation look great!

Let us know a little bit more about SlideTeam before we proceed with these fantastic designs!


About Slide Team

SlideTeam is the world's largest provider of PowerPoint designs. Its library of templates is constantly expanding and includes various designs that appeal to a wide range of presenters. Whether you're searching for something basic or something sophisticated, SlideTeam’s vast gallery covers it all.

You can find layouts for every occasion, including business presentations, educational slideshows, and more! Its designs are fully editable, so you can customize them to suit your needs.

SlideTeam also has dedicated and experienced designers who can help you create a presentation to make your message shine. Whether you need help designing slides from scratch or updating your current presentation, SlideTeam designers can help. Contact it today to gather more insights into its services!

Template 1: PowerPoint Templates For School Colourful Pencils Education PPT Process

Students can use this template to know about different colors. They can also utilize this layout in any presentation as a background slide. So download it instantly.

Template 2: School Banner Project With Triangle

Use this PPT slide to display your homework engagingly. This creative template has an amazing background and fonts that help enhance your presentation quotient. So download the design and personalize it the way you want.

Template 3: School Banner Project With Playing Students

Take advantage of this elegant PPT theme to portray your school projects efficiently. The slide comes with ample space wherein you can tweak the content as per your needs. So grab this layout instantly!

Template 4: High School Students Working On Group Assignments With Laptops

This eye-catching PPT theme will be appropriate for high school students. They can work on their assignments and show them to their respective faculties. Grab the slide and start working on your school assignment now!

Template 5: Student Focusing On Academic Exam Preparation

Students can utilize this stunning layout to prepare an informative slideshow for their academic examinations. The slide can be edited easily, so you can personalize it the way you want. Download the theme and get started!

Template 6: College Student Reading Literature For Exams

This attractive PPT layout is specially crafted for college students to jot down their new learning concepts. Excellent texts and high-quality visuals are present in the layout to enhance the students’ presentation.

Template 7: PowerPoint Template And Background With Puzzle Pieces With Education Student

It is always great to make your presentation more engaging and colorful. This attractive theme will have the students' interest peaked, primarily if you use them in class! So download this beautiful design right away!

Template 8: Students Reading Book Education Icons

This PPT template is suitable for every student, and it provides a variety of methods to help individuals reach their full potential. So grab this attractive PPT design and get started with your work!

Template 9: Play Group Students Icon Attending School Class

These icons will help you become the presentation pro your class needs. Use them as an attractive backdrop for your subject matter to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the precious learning moments. So grab this PPT template now!

Template 10: Students Reading Book Education Icons

As a student, you can utilize this engaging PPT design and discuss homework with your teachers. With the aid of this PowerPoint layout, you can express your thoughts with faculties concisely and clearly.

Template 11: Elementary School PowerPoint Template

This vibrant school time crayons PPT template has been designed professionally to meet your presentation requirements. So get access to this stunning PowerPoint design and impress your audience with your excellent content!

The templates provided in this blog can be used as a starting point for creating presentations that engage and excite your audience. By using these stunning designs, learning sessions may become even more interactive than they already are!

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