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Monsters at Work: Know Everything About This Television Series!

Looking for Mike and Sulley, president and CEO of Monsters of incorporated? Do you, also, get lost in the world of anime series while watching them? It is the fantastic animated tv series who are the lovers and fans of cartoons.

Is Boo in the anime series? Want to know what they do in the factory and which monster is in charge at Monsters at work?

Let’s know further about the series which run for 22-23 mins and consists of 10 episodes.

Monsters at Work: About

Monsters at Work

As you all know, Monsters at work came in 2021 after 20 years of its first release of Monsters Inc. film which was released in 2001.

This is an American TV series in which two monsters had the job of scaring children but it is funny when monsters are more afraid of humans than humans are afraid of these little monsters.

This is a comedy series whose characters are created by Pixar Animation Studios and the anime series is also loved by fans as the classic Monster Inc was given.

Bobs Gannaway directed Monsters at Work Series for 10 episodes and Henry Winkler, one of the cast also gives indication that 2nd season is in development.

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Have you enjoyed season 1 of Monsters at work, if yes then it is a good news for all that second season will come!

Monsters At Work: Release Date

Monsters at Work

The new spin-off of the Monsters Inc. came on July 7, 2021 on the streaming service Disney. It has 10 episodes which were released in English, the original language.

Monsters at work first episode is “ Welcome to Monsters Incorporated” in which you see a dream job as a scarer is performed by Taylor.

Monsters at Work: Characters

These are the characters and the actors who played these monsters roles-

  • Mike Wazowski is the best friend of Sulley and the self appointed Senior co-president. Mike is played by Billy Crystal and Mike is also the teacher of tylor.
  • Sulley or James P. Sullivan known as the CEO of monsters, Incorporated is plated by John GOodman.
  • Tylor Tuskmon played by Ben Feldman and he is the mechanic in the Monsters, Incorporated and takes classes to be a jokester. He came as a scarer from Monsters University.
  • Val Little is a female mechanic full of energy and she takes one class with Tylor and comes from Monsters University.
  • Fritz, friendly boss of the Tylor and a one-eyed monster played by Henry Winkler.

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Monsters at Work: Story

Monsters at Work

The complete story information is not there but Monsters at Work which shows monsters are working and two of them are incharge of the factory and they gathering the laughs of the children for their main fuel source. But Tylor Tuskmon young monster did not like it as his dream job of scarer is decreasing.

Meanwhile he discovers that his job is in danger when children laughter is used instead of screams and his career is going down and he has to do a boring admin job in the Monstropolis Facilities team.

In second episode he is adjusted to his new role of MIFT and gets friendly with his co-workers.

Monsters At Work: Ratings and Reviews


If you check Monsters at work IMDB ratings then here you see that this animated tv series got 7.1 ratings out of 10 but the popularity of this series went down. The first two episodes of this tv series is top rated on the IMDB and these episodes are Welcome to Monsters Incorporated and Meet Mift.

There are many series which you can watch if you like Monsters at Work and these are Monsters University, Dug Day and Monsters Inc. etc.

On IMDB there are 72 user reviews at the time of writing and almost all the users gave positive responses to this fantasy series.

Rotten Tomatoes

Here monsters comedy series got an average Tomato meter of 65% and there is 82% average audience score.

In common sense media it received 4 ratings out of 10.

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You can also watch Disney+ review on Monsters at work which is given below-

Is the Monsters at Work on Netflix?

No, this animated series is not on netflix.

Where Can You Watch Monsters at Work 2021?

It was only available to watch on Disneyplus.

Last Lines

Watch complete Season 1 of Monsters at Work on Disneyplus and also watch other animated series like Somali and the forest spirit 2, Durarara Season, Rent a Girlfriend etc on