Monster Hunter Rise – Characters | Gameplay | and Release Date

Capcom is coming up with another addition to his Monster Hunter game series “Monster Hunter Rise”. It is both single player and multiplayer action role-playing game. In which the player becomes a hunter and kills or traps the large monsters.

Characters in Monster Hunter Rise

Lance Gunn: Lance Gunn has recently completed his training and became an official hunter. But as a new hunter, he has a lot to learn.

Ran Page: A bad dream for all the monsters, she is an extremely experienced veteran.

Characters of monster hunt rise

Pup R: A lazy, but pure and innocent soul who gets distracted by any moving thing. Pup R. is going to be your companion in the fights against monsters. Pup R. is a Palamute.

Kit T: Kit T. is a Palico. She is good at concocting schemes. Her favorite thing to eat is rice. If you need any help ask Palico as it is good for recruiting wild cats and small monsters.

Hunting Guide: Traditional hunting techniques of Kamura Village.

Wyvern Riding

There are many attacks like Wirebug Jump attack, Silkbind attack, attacking with pet monsters, and many others. By these attacks, you can put the monster in a Mountable state.

After putting the monster in a mountable state, now you can again attack the monster and bind it with the Wirebugs. Binding it gives you control over it and now you can ride the monster this is called Wyvern Riding.

You can kill the monster while riding, ride the monster directly into rocks, trees, and walls. You can also use the monster in fights with another monster. The monster which you are controlling can perform different attacks according to their capabilities.


Remember at the starting of your journey, Hinoa gave you a bracelet. It is called “Petalace”. As you progress in the journey you will receive many more Petalace with different abilities.

What gives power to the Petalace?

A creature called Spiribirds covered with Pollen (a special type of plant sperm) sticks to your Petalace, and spreads some kind of sent which creates some effect and ends up giving you health or more attack power.

Uses of Petalace

There are four different types of Petalace: defense, attack, health, and stamina. If you have all these Petalace you can switch them according to your requirements.

If you require more safety during the hunts, use the Petalace of health and stamina on the other hand if you want to end your hunt fast use the Petalace of attack and defense.

Endemic Life in Kamura Village

Kamura village

In the Kamura Village, you can find different kinds of creatures with their own ecology, all these creatures give you different kinds of useful powers.

Spiribird and Permabuffer

We talked about the Spiribird earlier in the article, there is another creature like it, called a Permabuffer, both these creatures are known for the distinctive color of Pollen present on their body.

Due to the pollen on their body, both the creatures are attracted towards the hunter’s Petalace, by merging with the Petalace these creatures give power to you (the hunter).

Spiribirds have different colors (yellow, green, orange, and red) and have different effects on the hunter accordingly. Yellow ones give you more stamina, green ones help in increasing health, red ones boost your attacking power, and last but not least orange ones improve your defense.

The Clothfly

Clothfly is a creature that gives the hunter a temporary boost to the abilities of the hunter. Mainly it increases the defense mechanism for a limited period of time.

The Stinkmink

You must have heard the term helping hand, a stinkmink is your helping creature. You can capture a stinkmink and carry it in the Hunter cage.

When you feel like losing to a monster, you can use it as a distraction, it will attract the monster towards itself.

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Your Companion or Buddies: Palamute and Palico

If you are playing a single player mode, you can go on a quest with both of your buddies. But when you are playing multiplayer mode each player in your team can carry only one companion.

Riding the Palamute during the quest gives you an upper hand as you can easily & quickly navigate the environment without using a lot of stamina.

When you are hurt, then your second companion comes into action as it helps you in healing. Palico is also good at placing traps.

Advantages of companion in fights


Palamute can drift while chasing monsters, it’s a more efficient way of chasing. Palamute can also attack the monsters while riding. At maximum, it can hit in a combo of 3 attacks.

Talking about Palico, you can temporarily increase its strength by using Felvine Bulb. What felvine bulb does for Palico?  After taking it Palico’s health will recover, and it will be more active in fights.

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Uses of Wire-bug (a new weapon)

Wire-dash: You can easily move through the air by using wire-dash. It can also be used as an attack as well as dodges.

Wall Run: You can run on a vertical wall by using wire-dash on walls.

Wire-fall: Whenever you feel like getting pushed back, use this attack to regain footwork. It helps you in avoiding follow up attacks by the monster.

Silk-bind: It is not a new attack, but one of the most powerful attacks. Every weapon in this game has its own silk-bind attack. You can perform this attack by pushing the characteristics of your weapon to the peak.

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Release Date

This is going to be released from Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows. The Nintendo Switch version will be releasing on March 26, 2021. And for Microsoft Windows users this game will come first or second quarter of 2022.

The game is available for Pre-order. If you will do the Pre-order you will get some bonus items like Cosmetic Layered Armor for both your companion.

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My opinion

I haven’t played any of its prequels. So, before playing this game I am going to play some other games in the series Monster Hunter.

Overall the game looks great smooth graphics, plenty of characters, adventures gameplay, a new companion and, many other things.

The game is releasing soon, so just wait and watch.

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Your opinion

Go and have a look at the trailer and tell us what you think about the game, tell us how much you liked this article.

We are waiting for your reply.


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