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Momo Movie: Complete Story Explained| Vocal Cast & More That You Might Need To Know

Hello Readers!ūüĎčūüĎčūüĎč Hope you all are doing fine…¬†From our headline, you must have understood what we are going to talk about today: Yes! an animation film, Momo Movie.

The film is basically an Italian one, which is spelled as Momo Alla Conquista del tempo(Italian). It is a complete inspiration for a chief fantasy novel of the same name Momo.

The film is directed by Enzo D’Al√≤ and it is produced by Vittorio Cecchi Gori. The screenplay¬†is done by two very famous writers Enzo D’Al√≤ and Umberto Marino

Momo Movie is a newly launched film that was out on 21 December 2001 with a running time of eighty minutes but only for the audience belongs to Italy and Germany. Everyone adores the film for its amazing writing, so what about moving onto the storyline which is praised by everyone…

Momo Movie

What About The Momo Movie Is?

This is the story of Momo who is an orphaned young lady. She winds up in a town, where she warms up to an elderly person. She used to live with Beppo and Gigi, Beppo is not her biological grandfather but he adores her as a granddaughter.

Talking about Gigi,  a little kid who promptly goes gaga for her.

Not only this two Momo additionally has some more close companions in the movie like Enzo, Bruno, Livia, and the little Chicco, who make a house in an antiquated amphitheater, and Cassiopea, he is not a human in fact he is a turtle whom she finds in the city when she was wandering.

One day, one of the worst things of her life happened… Their beautiful city is attacked by the Gray Men who persuade many individuals, including the bright hairstylist Osvaldo Fusi, that they don’t have a lot of time left to live.

Gray’s Men will probably save every one individuals’ time in their uncommon “Bank of the time” which latest helps them with enduring.

The Gray Man saw Momo, he decided to take her as well in order to complete his action, he gave her a very beautiful doll but she refused, despite of this she manages to convert the dark-concrete heart of Grey-Man into Grey-Pink Man.

At first, Grey-Man told her that he haven’t felt this kind of love and warmth from anyone else, now he has become a good man but only Momo knows about this which later turned into a big reason for concern.

Momo Movie

The President of their locality decided to arrest the Grey-Man with Momo, they thought that Momo is helping him so that he could escape but yes! Thankfully with the help of Cassiopea, she manages to land in a beautiful magical place that is the home of Master Hora.

Expert Hora reveals to Momo the real essence of the Gray Men and the mysterious spot where time resides. Momo pays attention to the Music of Light, a tune that can break the spell of the Gray Men and free everybody, except the savvy Master Hora, reveals to her that it requires some investment for her to disguise the music, she needs to consider it.

Momo then decided to rest because she was so tired after this big day.

However, in the interim, the tranquil town on Earth has transformed into a gigantic city. Poor Beppo, annihilated by the vanishing of Momo, is captured and kept into a refuge after he attempted to impugn the Gray Men to the specialists, and Gigi, who is recruited by TV, is undermined with excusal on the off chance that he continues to search for Momo and the story continues.

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Voice Artists of Momo Movie With The Assigned Roles-

  • Erica Necci¬†as Momo
  • Diego Abatantuono¬†as Master Hora
  • Giancarlo Giannini¬†as President of the Grey Men
  • Sergio Rubini¬†as Vice-President of the Grey Men
  • Neri Marcor√®¬†as The Grey-Pink Man (Agent 4587)
  • Michele Kalamera¬†as Beppo
  • Giulio Renzi Ricci¬†as Gigi
  • Gabriele Patriarca¬†as Bruno
  • Riccardo Rossi¬†as Osvaldo Fusi
  • Alina Moradei¬†as The Owl
  • Renzo Stacchi¬†as The Rooster
  • Claudio Sorrentino¬†as The Commissioner
  • Patrick Donati¬†as Enzo

Momo Movie 2021

Last Lines

Have you seen the film? How is it? Tell us! And a question for those who haven’t seen the film yet! Are you willing to watch it or not?¬†

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Common Queries

Where We Can Watch The Momo Movie?

At now the film is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.