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Mobile vs. PC: The Most Exciting Games for Each

In recent years, the rise of eSports and mobile gaming have piggybacked off one another. A decade ago, began to revolutionize the global gaming industry. Dedicated gaming buffs could live-stream their sessions to fans, which helped empower a new generation of gamers.

Simultaneously, eSports tournaments that cover popular games, from FPS titles like Counter Strike: Global Offensive to MMO battle royales like League of Legends, took off. Close behind was the rise of mobile games, which include casual titles like Subway Surfer, social games like Clash of Clans, and puzzle games like Words with Friends.

Prior to the rise of eSports and mobile gaming, the most classic way to game was via a PC. PC gamers are known for preferring in-depth RPGs, which allow for plenty of customization, as well as turn-based strategy games like Civilization. However, with more mobile titles dipping a toe into classic PC gaming territory, some gamers might not be sure which platform is best for them—mobile or PC?

Let’s cover the advantages and pitfalls of gaming on mobile devices or PC for the most popular gaming categories, starting with iGaming.

iGaming: Better on PC

As one of the most popular sectors in gaming, fans of casino titles usually choose to play on their web browser or mobile device based on convenience. For example, gamers who enjoy slots online are often on the hunt for a game that’s both relaxing and engaging.

Today, developers pore resources into creating unique titles that include characters, settings, and symbols that build out a theme. LuckyLand Slots players can choose between a browser or mobile app—but with stunning graphics on display in games like Amazonia and Enchanted Fairy, to name a few, many opt for a larger screen.

This also rings true for casino table games like poker and blackjack. Today, many top platforms offer live options, which include a real dealer. For the most streamlined experience, most opt for their PC’s browser.

Casual Games: Better on Mobile

Casual games cover a broad range of interests. According to Statista, it’s one of the largest sectors in mobile gaming, especially for Android users. In fact, the genre of casual games took off when mobile gaming on Apple and Android smartphones started to gain popularity in the early 2010s.

Part of this reason is that many games that fit into other categories are also considered casual—like slots from LuckyLand and even puzzle games like Candy Crush. In most cases, casual games are ideal for mobile gamers for three primary reasons.

First, casual games are often used to pass the time. Having access to them on a smartphone lets a gamer play anytime, anywhere. Second, they’re designed to help players relax straight from the palms of their hands—not improve their skills with a future in eSports in mind. Third, they’re incredibly easy for developers to design, release, and update according to user interest.

Multiplayer Games: Better on PC

The most popular video games and eSports leagues in the world are multiplayer. From first-person shooters to indie titles, these games are designed to encourage teams to work in tandem to accomplish a goal. By incorporating other players, multiplayer games also include plenty of surprises along the way.

Many classic eSports titles are better appreciated via PC, including Valorant, Dota 2, Overwatch, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and Apex Legends. Others, like Don’t Starve Together, Grand Theft Auto Online, and World of Tanks, are a better fit for PC because chats and other social features are easier to navigate than their mobile counterparts.

Pro tip: If you’re interested in turning your gaming skills into a potential eSports career, consider taking your experience from PC to a mobile device. With many eSports leagues turning toward mobile, there are often more opportunities for rookie gamers to get their foot in the door through smaller regional tournaments (as many traditional gamers still prefer PC).