Mind-blowing Theory: Is ‘The Woman King’ Connected To ‘Black Panther’?

Fans of Marvel can’t help but see similarities between The Woman King’s Agojies and Black Panther’s Dora Milajes. The most recent work of Viola Davis is a historical epic about her experience with the Agojie, a group of female historical warriors who defended her Dahomey kingdom in nineteenth-century West Africa.

Although though Black Panther is based on fictional Marvel characters, ethnic and tribal disputes within the same race frequently occur in these films. Also, the characters’ attire and hairdo reflect a variety of ethnicities. Because the most dangerous combatants in both films were female, they sparked a flurry of discussion, questions, and intrigue.

A Connection Between Woman King and Black Panther?

The Woman King was distributed by Sony Pictures Distribution, while Black Panther was distributed by Marvel Comics and focuses on fictional characters; hence, there is no connection between the two films. Despite this, the depicted themes of slavery, colonialism, and black freedom bind the two films closely together.

The Queen must also learn about Agojie’s soldiers. Certain Black Panther characters, such as Dora Mirage, are based on actual fighters. This is so incredible that there is nothing else to say.

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Comparison of Similar and Different Combat Scenes

Within the movie, The Woman King Davis portrays the commander of the Agojie, General Nanisca. This all-female African warrior tribe is evocative of Black Panther’s Dora Milaje, a military band of women and a special forces unit for the fictional African kingdom of Wakanda. Also, there are significant parallels between the depicted war sequences of the two tribes in the films.

Mind-blowing Theory: Is 'The Woman King' Connected To 'Black Panther'?

Jenelle Stevens, who worked on both Black Panther and Woman King, commented correctly on the differences between the two films’ battle sequences. Agoji, on the other hand, only desires to become a cold-blooded killer and eliminate his adversaries.

In Black Panther, it was more swirly, floral, and aesthetically attractive. “In Woman King, you must be more pragmatic, and kill someone directly, so it wasn’t really a dream but rather pragmatic.

The unfortunate history of Hollywood’s disrespect for black characters and actors as well as its underestimation of black audiences has made it difficult to create films featuring black people.

In the majority of films that communicated regressive and racist themes, black characters were portrayed as servile servants, gangsters, thieves, and murderers.

Due to Black Panther’s commercial success, it eventually revealed to the audience something that had previously been absent. The industry redirected its efforts and authorized the development of Woman King.

The Greatest Achievement, Which Was Mostly Contributed By Women

Mind-blowing Theory: Is 'The Woman King' Connected To 'Black Panther'?

In many ways, Black Panther’s tremendous appeal was due to its novelty; we had never seen anything like it before. It is impossible for the Woman King to duplicate, but it is not essential to do so.

This majority-female cast, directed and written by women, and fronted by one of the most recognised actors in the world is an accomplishment in and of itself, despite exaggerated claims of Woman King’s flaws.

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Giving important roles to women of color, particularly Black women, in both films reveals a great deal about the treatment of women in both sets, as well as a shift in beliefs on women’s involvement in action films.

There are many compelling reasons to watch Black Panther or The Woman King outside the presence of prominent female action performers.