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Mina Starsiak Net Worth: Check Out Her Lifestyle and Interests?

Mina Starsiak is an investor in real estate from the popular reality television series Good Bones. Beginning in March, a new HGTV series will feature a mother-daughter duo that purchases dilapidated houses, renovates them, and sells them (hopefully with some profit). Taking everything into account, her net worth is reasonable, but we expect it to increase over the next few years as she pursues new chances.

Who is Mina Starsiak?

Mina was reared in Indianapolis on November 26, 1987, as Mina Nicole Starsiak, the daughter of Karan and Casey Starsiak. She is a black U.S. citizen. Nina’s relatives divorced while she was still a teenager, providing her with seven brothers. In the following lines, we shall explain how their actions transpired. Before studying business and social science at the University of Indiana, the TV host completed her secondary education at one of the Indiana community colleges.

She is an entrepreneur and an immobilizer by trade. In 2007, Good Bones actress Mina Starsiak received a grant for the renovation of her first home. She contacted her mother for help and went to offer all of her support. They performed outstanding work and repaired the house. They then released their immobilizers and dubbed them “Two Chicks and a Hammer.”

About Mina’s Career

Mina Starsiak attended Indiana University, where she studied business and sociology. After completing her education, she worked as a waiter and other low jobs. She was not suited for these nine-to-five positions. Mina decided to establish an agency for real estate. In 2007, while operating the business, she received an unusual request from a customer. The client requested that she refurbish their residence.

Mina Starsiak Net Worth

Mina Starsiak found it difficult to make a choice because she had never done so before. She requested aid from her mother, who assisted her in completing the task. After completing this project, they agreed to create “Two Chicks and a Hammer,” a home improvement firm. This marked the beginning of their many house reconstruction efforts. Mina, the company’s younger partner, established a social media presence that attracted the HGTV team.

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They acquired a contract with HGTV to appear in the house-rebuilding program “Good Bones.” It made its premiere on March 22, 2016. The focus of the show is their home improvement initiatives. The show has more than 15 million viewers worldwide.

Mina’s Net Worth

Mina has accomplished more than many her age, having worked as a waitress, a real estate agent, and a reality television personality. A nine-to-five position was the last thing she want. She is self-taught in the remodeling industry. According to reputable sources, Mina Starsiak has a $2 million net worth.

The majority of her fortune was accumulated mostly through her house-rebuilding and real estate enterprises. Her appearances on the popular television program “Good Bones” contribute significantly to her wealth. She must continue to increase her revenue as her business initiatives expand.

Mina’s Lifestyle and Interests

Mina is a huge animal lover and has three rescue dogs as pets; the website lists her as number 19 on their list of celebrities who have adopted rescue dogs and features a photo of her with her Dogo Argentino pet dog Frank. Her favorite cuisine is Asian, with steamed buns and ramen being her favorites. After graduating from college, Mina toured many states in the United States.

Mina Starsiak Net Worth

As Stephen is an actor, Mina and Stephen frequently watch films together and love discussing them afterward. Their favorite films are “Edward Scissorhands” and “Yes Man,” while their favorite television series is “Breaking Bad.” Mina enjoys music because it relaxes her; her favorite artists are Angus & Julia Stone and Daughter.

Who is Mina’s Husband?

Mina Starsiak is married to Stephen Hawk. They were wed on June 11, 2016. They met through common acquaintances. During her wedding, Mina wore a gorgeous mermaid-style dress.

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Mina did an excellent job of preparing for her first dance with Steve, as evidenced by her wedding video. The pair then honeymooned in Charleston, South Carolina, followed by a longer trip to Cabo.

Mina Starsiak Net Worth

Julie was raised by her foster mother, Mina. Mina chose to aid Julie’s sister in parenting Julie due to the difficulties she was experiencing. The entire process of raising Julie increased her sense of responsibility. This is what prompted her to consider starting a family. Steve Hawk has been quite supportive of Julie’s upbringing. The couple was blessed with the birth of a baby, Jack Richard Hawk, on August 9, 2018.

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