Mike Mora Net Worth: How Did Mike Die?

Mike specializes an American photographer who specialises in portraiture. The sources indicate that he was a real estate agent. Following his marriage to the American hip-hop and R&B she singer Kelis Rogers, his career surged. Singer has a rich history of creating musical masterpieces and a Grammy Award. Kelis was previously married to the musician Nas. Eventually, however, they went their separate ways.

Mike was well-known as the spouse of a celebrity, but little else was known about him. He studied professional photography and specializes in nature, portraits, fashion, and culinary photography. He is an attractive and wealthy man. Their fans are incredibly committed to the couple.


Mike Mora was Born on January 2, 1979. his parents relocated to New York City, where he grew up. It is intriguing that he calls himself a Christian and worships Jesus. Similarly, he was an Afro-American, the largest ethnic group in the United States. His birth and upbringing, as well as that of his parents, occurred in New York City.

His parents, siblings, cousins, and close friends are currently unknown. Mike’s educational background includes the completion of high school. Likewise, he graduated from New York University. Mike’s attentional background is unknown other from this fact.

Professional Career

Mike was a photographer whose work has been featured on many social media platforms. Additionally, he runs a website where the mantis images can be purchased.

In order to supplement his income, Mora works as a real estate agent in addition to his passion for photography. Mora likely allowed him because it afforded him the opportunity to earn substantially more money over time.

Mike Mora Net Worth

Private Life Kelis Roger was his spouse. In 2014, despite their close relationships with their families and friends, they were married in secret. Their relationship has lasted for eight years. Currently, Mike had twin children. Mora is the youngest child of his family. In 2020, the couple welcomed their second child.

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Additionally, details regarding Mike’s previous partnerships are currently unknown. Mike married Kelieven thou through the first encounter, despite the fact that she appeared to be his first girlfriend.

Regarding his educational background, it is crucial to note that he graduated high school. His qualifications consist of a degree from New York University. In addition, Justin’s educational background is unknown.

Net worth

Mike Mora‘s predicted net worth in 2022 is $400,000. Mora has amassed this net worth as a result of his job as a photographer and a real estate agent. However, as he is currently unable to work due to his health issues, his net worth may decrease.


This professional photographer avoids controversies and speculations. However, in September 2021, he revealed on Instagram that he had stomach cancer at the stage four level.

In 2020, he felt the discomfort but ignored it. Later, when he began to experience appetite loss and back pain, he opted to consult a physician. He remarked that he arrived a little late, but just in time.

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Personal Life

Mike Mora married Kelis Roger in terms of his love life. The couple married in secret in 2014 in front of their closest family and friends. The pair have already celebrated their sixth anniversary of marriage.

Mike Mora Net Worth

Likewise, he was currently the father of two children. 2015 marked the birth of their first child, Sheperd Mora. Likewise, in 2020, they gave birth to their second son, the knight Mora. Similarly, no information is currently known regarding Mike’s past relationship. Kelis appears to have been his first girlfriend and ultimate wife.

How did Mike Mora die?

Mike passed away on March 15, 2022, at the age of 37. His stomach cancer was in its fourth stage. On Monday, a member of Kelis’s management team announced his passing on Entertainment Tonight, stating. It is unfortunate but true that Mike Mora has died away. Mora first disclosed his condition in September 2021, citing the stomach pain that led to the loss of appetite and back issues before he sought medical attention.

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Mike died of stomach cancer in its fourth stage. On Monday, March 14, his passing was reported to the public. He was 37 years old when he passed away. At the time of his passing, he was a prominent photographer and real estate agent.