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Midnight Texas 3 Release Date – A Supernatural Series Will Renewed Or Not?

Midnight Texas 3

There is something different about the superheroes movie that attracts every living towards it. Like, anyone can’t deny the fact that they are one of the best movies. That’s why movies like Avengers-Endgame, Avatar, and Avengers-Infinity War movies are some of the highest-grossing movies. If you are also fond of supernatural series then there is another series named Midnight Texas for you. The series attracted a lot of people during its initial years. 

Recently, the series is in talks after a lot of things happened with season 3. Now, the series has already released its two seasons and people were already looking for the third season. The creators of this show are not planning to release any more seasons of Midnight Texas. But there are surely a lot of things happening with the release of season 3. 

In this article, we are going to look at all the things that are happening with this supernatural show. Also, we will also look at the possibilities of the third season of this show.

Midnight Texas – What do you need to know?


The American Television program came to light after its amazing storyline. The story of this supernatural hero TV series is based on a popular novel series which is also named Midnight Texas. The novel series was enormously hit among the readers. It is because the novel was written by one of the New York Times Bestsellers writers Charlaine Harris. The TV series first made its way onto television on 24 July 2017. The famous TV network, NBC is responsible for broadcasting this TV network

After the release of the first season, the creators of this show immediately book this series for the second season. On the day of Valentine’s Day i.e., 14 February 2018, the show was booked to make a sequel. Later on 26 October 2018, Midnight Texas was all set to release a second season. 

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Now, after the 3-year long battle, the audience wants to know if they will ever see the third season of Midnight Texas Or not. Well, this is a little tricky for them after so long this happening with the show. But don’t worry because we will tell you everything can is officially out and all the other possibilities which can happen in order to release the third season. Read the next section to understand to know about it. 

Midnight Texas Season 3 – Is it Coming Or Not?

The last series ended and after that, the creators of the show were not really looking for another season. NBC has canceled the airing of the third season from now on. The people are not the happiest after this news and they are really happening for another season. 

But somewhere the fans were aware of the fact that the show will come to an end. After the first season ended, the second season started to lose viewers. During the second season, the audience started to lose interest. It was obvious that the show would not be renewed for another season.

The audience was in a little shock but they still had hope. From a source, it was reported that the other TV networks are trying to take over this show. The show is already supernatural fiction based and we know that with just a pinch of a great storyline and proper marketing, any show can be back with a blast. 

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But till now, there is no official announcement like this happened. We are waiting for any other TV network to make their move on Midnight Texas. If there will be any renewal news, I’ll update this section for you. 

Midnight Texas 3 – What is the release date of this show?

The show is not coming anytime soon. It would be not the best idea to predict the future of this superhero series without any actual proof, the show is not yet renewed for the third season. The NBC TV network, which is responsible for all the seasons of this show has already been canceled them. If any other network decided to take the show then it’ll happen for sure. 

But the chances of this happening are not near. If the production of this series starts this year then we might be able to watch it from 2022-2023. 

Midnight Texas – What will be the Plotline of this Show?

The plot of Midnight Texas centres around Texas' superhero. Beginning with the city life of Texas, which appears to be pretty pleasant at first. The programme features supernatural heroes such as vampires, angels, witches, and psychics. The plot appears to focus on these people. Every supernatural figure is dealing with something in their own lives.

Because of his family and everything, the Psychics have already been depressed in his life. He became disoriented as a result of all of this.

He comes upon his family while on the run. Psychic made the decision to move his family away from the masses of this planet. Manfred, the main character in this narrative, is on the run from the authorities. As you progress through the tale, the plot becomes more engaging. It was extremely difficult to keep attention in the second season after season one.

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What are the ratings of this show?

The ratings of this story are pretty good. The IMDb rating of this show is 7.4/10, not only this but the has given a 7.5/10 rating to this show. Well, the critics have rated this show with pretty normal ratings. After season 1, the critics also didn’t take much interest in this show. 

Meanwhile, the fans of this show gave 4.6 ratings to Midnight Texas. The ratings of this show gradually decreased as the episodes increased significantly. 


Midnight Texas is an American TV series that involves supernatural superheroes like Psychic, Vampire, Angles, and Witches. The TV series started to air on 24 July 2017. With 2 seasons and 19 episodes, the show started to lose the interest of the people. Taken from the book of the famous author Charlaine Harris, this show is not as good as you expected it to be. If you are looking to watch the series then it is available on Netflix. 

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