Michael Jordan Net Worth: How Did Michael Jordan Get So Rich In 2022?

Michael Jeffrey Jordan was born on February 17, 1963. He is an American businessman and former professional basketball player who is also known by his initials, MJ. He was in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for fifteen years and won six NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls.

Jordan is the main owner and chairman of the NBA team the Charlotte Hornets and the NASCAR team 23XI Racing. On the official NBA website, his biography says, “Michael Jordan is without a doubt the best basketball player of all time.” In the 1980s and 1990s, he was a big part of making the NBA known all over the world. As a result, he became a global cultural icon.

Key Facts

  • Most people think of Michael Jordan as the best NBA player of all time. He won six championships with the Chicago Bulls.
  • His total salary over the course of his career was $90 million, but he has made $1.8 billion (before taxes) from companies like Nike, Hanes, and Gatorade, among others.
  • In September 2020, MJ became a special advisor to the board and an investor at DraftKings, a company that lets people bet on sports.
  • In late 2020, he also became a co-owner of a NASCAR team.
  • Jordan owns the Charlotte Hornets. In 2019, he agreed to sell a small share of the team in a deal worth $1.5 billion.

Michael Jordan Net Worth

Early Life

Michael Jeffrey Jordan was born in Brooklyn, New York, on February 17, 1963. His mom, Deloris, worked in finance, and his dad, James R. Jordan Sr., was a supervisor of equipment. When Michael was a little boy, his family moved to Wilmington, North Carolina.

Michael went to Emsley A. Laney High School in Wilmington, where he played basketball, baseball, and football. As a sophomore, he tried out for the varsity basketball team but was turned down because he was “only” 5 feet 11 inches tall. After being turned down, MJ worked very hard to do well on the Junior Varsity team.

He grew four inches over the summer between his sophomore and junior years, which helped him get that coveted spot on the varsity team. Michael set the varsity team on fire. During his junior and senior years, he averaged 25 points per game. He was chosen to play in the 1981 McDonald’s All-American Game as a senior, where he scored 30 points.


Jordan was picked up by the Chicago Bulls of the NBA in 1984. In his first season with the team, he helped them make the playoffs. During that season, he averaged 28.2 points per game, which helped him win the NBA Rookie of the Year Award. During the 1986-1987 season, he was the first player in a long time to score more than 3,000 points in a single season.

Jordan helped the Bulls win championship after championship over the next few years. During the 1993–1994 season, he took a break to play in a minor league baseball team. In 1995, he went back to the Chicago Bulls. When he came back, he was stronger, and he averaged 30.4 points that season.

Jordan retired from the Chicago Bulls in 1998 after playing for them for 15 years and winning six championships. He then became a part-owner of the Washington Wizards and played for them for the last two seasons, from 2001 to 2003. Michael Jordan is still thought of as an NBA legend and the best basketball player in the game’s history.

In the 1980s and 1990s, this former NBA star did a lot to make the NBA known all over the world.

Michael Jordan Net Worth

The basketball player played himself in the hit movie “Space Jam,” where he was also a star. “Michael Jordan to the Max,” an IMAX film about Jordan’s time with the Bulls that focused on the 1998 NBA playoffs, came out in 2000. Jordan’s documentary miniseries The Last Dance, for example, was a recent success in the movie business (2020).

In 2006, Jordan bought most of the shares in the Charlotte Bobcats, which are now called the Charlotte Hornets, and became a managing member of the team. His main goal is to raise the team’s statistics, and he has no plans to leave the basketball business.

Jordan’s post-basketball life off the court includes his ownership of 23XI Racing, a professional auto racing team that he owns with Denny Hamlin. They chose Bubba Wallace to be the driver for their NASCAR team. Jordan has also done a lot to help other people, which is worth mentioning.

From 2001 to 2014, he ran the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational, an annual golf tournament that raised money for many good causes. In 2006, Jordan and his wife gave Hales Franciscan High School in Chicago $5 million. The Jordan Brand also gave a lot of money to Habitat for Humanity and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America in Louisiana.

Jordan’s work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation is another thing that stands out. In 2008, Jordan was made Chief Wish Ambassador. He granted his 200th wish in 2013. He has raised more than $5 million for the foundation up to this point. Michael Jordan is still one of the highest-paid athletes and NBA players, and it’s easy to see why.

Jordan became the first NBA player to become a billionaire in June 2014, when he bought more shares in the Charlotte Hornets. Forbes says that Nike makes about $1 billion each year from the Jordan Brand. His popularity spreads from the strong presence of Nike’s Jordan Brand on the market to popular Internet memes to his still-iconic basketball career, which got him into the NBA’s Hall of Fame.

Michael Jordan’s Net Worth

Michael Jordan is an American businessman, team owner, and former basketball player. Michael Jordan’s net worth had grown to $2.2 billion in 2022. Forbes thought that Michael Jordan’s net worth had grown to $1.6 billion by the year 2021. This makes Michael Jordan one of the richest black people in the United States. And he is also one of the most loved.

Michael made a total of $93.7 million during his time in the NBA. He was the first athlete ever to get paid more than $30 million a year. During the 1996-1997 season, when he made $30.14 million in base salary, he did this. The next season, he made $33.14 million, which, when adjusted for inflation, is the same as $53.4 million today.

Net Worth: $2.2 Billion
Age: 59
Born: February 17, 1963
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional NBA Player/Entrepreneur
Last Updated: 2022

What Happened to Juanita Jordan’s Divorce Settlement?

In September 1989, Michael married Juanita Vanoy. Together, they had three children. After 13 years of marriage, Michael filed for divorce from Juanita Jordan in 2002. In the end, he had to pay her a $168 million divorce settlement. It was one of the divorces that cost the most money in history.

The settlement gave them money, stocks, and the value of the different properties they owned. Since April 2013, Michael has been married to the Cuban-American model Yvette Prieto. In February 2014, she gave birth to twin girls who were exactly the same.

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Michael Jordan Net Worth

Real Estate

Today, Michael’s main home is a luxurious mansion in Jupiter, Florida. The 11-bedroom, 26,000-square-foot home is on three acres and is in Jack Nicklaus’s very exclusive Bear’s Club neighbourhood. He paid $4.8 million for the land in 2011 and then spent two years and $7.6 million building his dream house.

He also has a $3 million lake house and a luxury condo in Charlotte, North Carolina, so he can be close to his Hornets. He is also said to own a piece of land in Salt Lake City, Utah. Michael still owns a big house in the Highland Park neighbourhood of Chicago. In 1991, Michael bought a lot in Highland Park and started building his dream home right away.

The end result was a 7-acre property with a 32,683-square-foot main house. The house has nine bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, an NBA-quality basketball court, a pool pavilion, a 15-car garage, a card room, tennis courts, a PGA-quality putting green, a cigar room, a wine cellar, and so much more.

In 2013, Michael put the house on the market for $29 million. The price went down to $14.8 million in May 2015. No one has bought it yet: Michael Jordan has a private Gulfstream IV jet that cost him $50 million and was made just for him. It takes him to and from his homes all over the world. On the back of the jet is Michael’s well-known “Jumpman” logo.

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How Did Michael Jordan Get So Rich?

Michael’s net worth in 2006 was about $450 million after taxes, divorce settlements, and other costs of living. In the same year, he bought a small share of the NBA team the Charlotte Bobcats. At the time, he was the team’s second-biggest owner, after the man who started BET, Robert Johnson.

Michael paid Robert $175 million in 2010 to buy out his share of the team. Michael now owned 80 per cent of the team after this deal. In June 2014, it came out that Michael had raised his share of ownership again, this time from 80% to 89.50%. At the time, the Hornets, who had just changed their name, were worth $500 million and had $135 million in debt.

At this time, the Clippers, which had been worth $500 million not long before, sold for $2 billion. If the Hornets were really worth $600 million at this point, Michael’s share after paying off his debts would be worth $416 million. When added to his other $600 million in wealth, this would make Michael Jordan the first person in the world to be worth $1 billion.

 Michael Jordan has a fortune of $1 billion. In 2019, Michael sold a small piece of his stake to Gabe Plotkin and Daniel Sundheim, who run hedge funds, for $1.5 billion.

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Michael Jordan has been playing basketball for a long time because he wants to do well and wants to help other people. He is a well-known face in sports and in advertising for things like Nike’s Air Jordans. His drive and love for basketball helped him make a lot of money and inspired a lot of other players.

He also did a lot of charitable work that helped thousands of kids in the US reach their goals and dreams. Michael Jordan is worth $2.2 billion as of 2022.