Michael Blackson Net Worth: Who Is Michael Blackson in a Relationship With?


Michael Blackson is an American comedian who is best known for his comedy shows and roles in comedies. Reports say that by April 2021, he will have made about $3 million. This makes him worth a lot of money in an industry where most people barely make it or fail.

Michael's level of success takes skill and connections, but how did he get to be so wealthy? Did he make money from his comics and movies, or did he have another job? We looked into his personal life and work life to find out. Here's what we discovered.


Name Michael Blackson
Net Worth 2022 $3 Million
Age 49
Annual Salary $400,000
Profession Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius

Michael Blackson Early Life

Michael Blackson was born Jafari Ferguson in Ghana on November 28, 1972. He moved to the United States in 1987. He hasn't said anything about his siblings, parents, or other family members. In 2008, his father died. He used to work at a theatre. Michale spent his early years in Monrovia and Ghana before moving to the US.


He lived in Newark, New Jersey until he was 13 years old. When he was 15, he moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Blackson became interested in comedy, and in 1992, he started doing stand-up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania comedy clubs.

Michael Blackson Net Worth

Michael Blackson Career

One of Michael Blackson's friends pushed him to become a stand-up comedian, which is how he got his start. Then he started going to Philadelphia comedy clubs that people knew about. Eddie Murphy, who was known as the “King of Comedy” at the time, was a big influence on him.

At that time, he took part in several comedy shows, such as the 1992 USA Comedy Central Tour in Philadelphia, the 1993 Schlitz Malt Liquor Comedy Tour in Valley Forge, and the 1996 Urban Comedy Festival in New York. After that, he took part in local comedy competitions in 2000, such as the “Laffapolooza Comedy Festival” in Atlanta and the “Bay Area Black Comedy Competition” in Oakland.

In the comedy film Next Friday, made by Ice Cube's company Cubevision in 2000, Michael Blackson played the memorable role of “Angry African Man.”In 2005, Michael put out Modasucka: Welcome to America, a comedy CD that was a big hit. In the same year, he appeared in “30 Rock,” “P Diddy's Bad Boys of Comedy,” and a commercial for “The Chappelle Show.”

In 2011, he was the main character on the TBS show Are We There Yet? The movies that made Michael Blackson the most money were Repos in 2007 and One Night in Vegas in 2013. Aside from all of that, the comedian and actor were in a few music videos, like Akon's Wakonda, and on the BET show The Monique Show.

He joined one of the most popular comedy shows, Wild ‘n Out, and was on it for seasons 8, 10, 12, and 15.

Michael Blackson Personal Life

When it comes to his girlfriend, Michael Blackson has been with many different women over time. He was first in a relationship with GeorgiaReign, a Grammy-nominated singer. They met on one of his shows and began dating, but they broke up after a while. Then Blackson started dating Victoria Kimani, who is a musician. They had a good time together, but they broke up later.

Even so, Michael Blackson is in a relationship with Miss Rada, who is famous on social media. Thursday Blackson asked his girlfriend, Miss Rada, to be his wife during the interview at The Breakfast Club.

Michael Blackson Net Worth

Michael Blackson's Net Worth

Michael Blackson is an actor and comedian from Liberia and Ghana who is worth $3 Million. Michael Blackson is a successful stand-up comedian. He tells jokes with a slight Ghanaian accent that are based on his life in both Africa and the United States.

In 1992, Blackson learned to be funny in the mean comedy clubs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Eddie Murphy's style of comedy influenced him, and he keeps getting better and better as an actor. His most famous role was “Angry African” in the comedy Next Friday, which came out in 2000.

He has also been on 30 Rock, in a commercial for the Chappelle Show, and on P. Diddy's Bad Boys of Comedy. Blackson has also been in a few music videos and appeared on The Monique Show, which airs on BET. Michael Blackson still puts on live shows as the main act at comedy clubs, colleges, and special events for his fans.

He makes people laugh all over the world with his unique sense of humour and stand-up shows.

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Who Is Michael Blackson in a Relationship With?

Ghanaian comedian Michael Blackson and his model girlfriend Rada talk about their two-year relationship on VH1's Couples Retreat. Since a new episode is coming out on April 5, we decided to take a closer look at the couple's troubled story.


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Michael Blackson's Car

Michael Blackson likes nice cars, just like a lot of other famous people. He owns a MINI Countryman, which costs about $30,000, and he drives it everywhere. The comedian has a BMW F06, which is worth about $90,000, according to estimates. The Rolls-Royce Wraith, one of the best luxury cars in the world, is the third car in his garages.

This old car was purchased for $320,000. He also has an $80,000 Fisker Karma, which is a high-end sports car.

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How Did Michael Blackson Become Worth a Million Dollars?

Michael can also write scripts. He is good at coming up with funny things to write. Michael has written his jokes for stand-up. This is yet another part of the entertainment business. We found nothing in his personal or professional history to suggest that he has other investments or activities outside of the entertainment industry.

Michael Blackson has spent his whole adult life as a stand-up comedian, an actor, and a screenwriter in the entertainment business. This is how he made his small fortune of $3 million.

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Is Michael Blackson in an Open Relationship?

On Thursday, July 22, Michael Blackson popped the question on the Breakfast Club show. Before the proposal, Michael said on the show that they were in an open relationship and agreed that he could have a side chick every month.