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Michael B. Jordan, Lori Harvey Split After 1 Year: “Heartbroken,”

Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey ended their relationship. A source close to the couple Jordan star, 35, and Harvey, 25, have split after a year and a half of dating. According to the source, Michael and Lori are both completely distraught. They continue to adore one another.

“Michael grew significantly during their relationship and was prepared for a long-term commitment. He exposed himself emotionally in a romantic connection for the first time with her “says the source. Together, they enjoyed wonderful times and brought out the best in one another.

Michael B. Jordan, Lori Harvey Split

On March 27, 2022, they both attended the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills, marking their red carpet debut. Harvey, a model, and influencer visited the Cannes Film Festival on May 17 and appeared alone on the red carpet for the screening of Final Cut (Coupez!). In the weeks since her return from France, rumors of conflict between them have circulated.

The couple celebrated their first anniversary in November, months after Michael B. Jordan declared their Instagram relationship official in January of the previous year.

In December, he told The Hollywood Reporter that he had “finally discovered what love was” through his connection with Lori Harvey. The actor of Black Panther stated why he felt so at ease discussing his connection in public. “When I was younger, I doubt I could have handled the barrage of ideas and being picked apart, as well as being aware of what the other person will experience. It takes a certain individual to deal with that.”

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At the time, he stated that they felt “genuine enough” to discuss freely. “Premeditated planning to keep out of the way [of the public spotlight] can be fatal to spontaneity and closeness. In this bizarre environment in which we live, I wished to eliminate that to give this the best opportunity to be something normal. To cut a long tale short, I believe the issue is timing. It was a favorable time for me “he added. “Yeah. I’m happy.”

Jordan described to PEOPLE in April 2021 why he decided to make his romantic life public for the first time.

At the time, he stated, “I’m still private, and I want to protect that, but it felt like I just wanted to put it out there and move on.” “I am quite content. I believe that as you age, you become more at ease with the [public character] of the business we are in. So, for me, it was an opportunity to, I suppose, take responsibility for the situation before returning to work.”

Michael B. Jordan, Lori Harvey Split

In September, Lori, the daughter of Steve Harvey, discussed her relationship with Jordan on The Real.

“We simply complement one another,” she explained at the time. “When they say, “When you know, you know,” I firmly believe they are correct. And I believe that pertains to our circumstance since we enjoy a great time together.”

The founder and CEO of SKN by LH said that he is “very lovely, so attentive; he listens to me and the things I say I won’t, and he truly tries.”

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Lori stated, in response to a question regarding the sexiest or sweetest thing Jordan had done for her, that he is “very amazing at all the big stuff.” She elaborated, “Valentine’s Day, birthdays, etc., but I believe it’s the small, everyday things, such as how he listens to me when I speak, that truly makes him wonderful.

Even as recently as yesterday, I had been expressing my want to visit a farmer’s market, so he contacted me on a Sunday morning and asked, “What are you doing? I’m going to come to pick you up.” He then drove me an hour away to a very adorable farmer’s market, where we had the best day. So, it’s similar circumstances.”