Mexico City reopens movie theatres to sparse crowds

The more, the danger the less the brave – Mexico City has opened movie theatres for Mexicans after four months of Coronavirus pandemic.

Mexico City has given permission to reopen theatres after four months, in serious COVID-19 pandemic.

There is the guideline from the Mexican government:

  1. Due to coronavirus, not more than two people are allowed to sit together, as long as they are surrounded by empty seats.
  2. It’s mandatory to wear a face mask, they can only lift the mask to drink or eat something.
  3. At the entrance of the theatre, everyone must go through a temperature checkup followed by a walk on sanitizing mat.
  4. 30% of capacity is allowed in theatres in Mexico City – all the rows are blocked with yellow mark.

Mexico City reopens movie theatres to sparse crowds

everyone must maintain the distance to prevent from coronavirus disease.

On IMAX screen in Mexico City, the Fear of coronavirus has stopped people at their doorstep only 10 customers showed up on Wednesday, and there was some technical issue with a projector put off the screening.

Matías Mora certainly had to share his feelings by saying, “It felt great to be able to come back, for me, seeing a film in a movie theatre is the definitive way to see it.”

Pandemic has stopped everything at their places in which new movie premieres halted worldwide in lockdown, the pandemic has brought back classics. 

A couple of others including Antonio Alamilo aged 47, a bakery manager and Nélida Cartujano, 42, a teacher, came to see the 1955 James Dean classic “Rebel Without a Cause.”

Alamillo said that I was on the last day when theatres we’re shut down and now, I am on the first day when theatres are open “I can’t live without the cinema”.

Mexico City is the fourth largest movie market in the world, after India, United States, China.  Approx 350 million tickets are sold in movie theatres. Mexico was in ninth place, with a spectacular sale of tickets worth about $850 million in 2019.

The country has relatively low ticket prices.

This year is the worst year for every business. This pandemic has demolished the economy of every country. The movie theatre business chamber, Canacine, has estimated that Mexican movie house he lost about 152 million tickets sales within 4 months of Lockdown.

At least 1000 of theatre are permanently closed in many countries and dozens of theatres are closed permanently in Mexico.

Mexico’s Culture Secretary, Alejandra Frausto, was also there at Mexico City’s Cineteca Nacional complex.

Frausto mentioned that this was one impossible moment which just seemed impossible; however, art does its magic and makes the impossible possible. People have gone through so much in the last few months that would be the worst time in their life. Every bit must recover what’s so ever the change is needed to be done but with precaution, it should not cost life.

National Agency of Science and Technology has declared at least 505,700 cases of coronavirus in Mexico and number of people died on Friday afternoon, 55,293.

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