Meta Quest Pro Vs. Quest 2: What Are the Major Differences?

A year has passed since Facebook announced its rebranding as Meta at Meta Connect 2021, an annual meeting for developers, creators, and tech enthusiasts interested in Facebook's vision of the metaverse. In addition to undergoing a significant makeover, Meta launched the Meta Quest 2 at last year's event.

The Meta Quest 2 is a budget-friendly VR headset that was once known as the Oculus Quest 2. During the same event, Meta also teased Project Cambria, its next-generation high-end standalone headset. Meta rechristened Project Cambria as the Meta Quest Pro at the 2022 edition of Meta Connect, when it was announced it would be released this year.

Meta Quest Pro Vs. Quest 2: What Are the Major Differences?

Meta Quest Pro Vs. Quest 2: Price Difference

As indicated by the pricing strategy, the $399 Meta Quest 2 belongs to the group of entry-level virtual reality (VR) headsets. It is noteworthy to note, however, that the Meta Quest 2 was initially priced at $299 prior to a $100 price increase in early 2022.

This is in stark contrast to the brand-new, incredibly costly, feature-packed Meta Quest Pro VR headset. With a price tag of $1,500, the Meta Quest Pro is about four times more expensive than the Meta Quest 2. Despite the fact that these VR headsets are designed for distinct demographics, there appears to be considerable curiosity about the contrasts between them.

A comparison of the two products' specifications reveals the distinctions between the Meta Quest Pro and the Meta Quest 2. Beginning with the design, it is readily apparent that the two headsets are vastly dissimilar, with the Quest 2 being considerably smaller.

In addition, whereas the Quest 2 was powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon XR2 processor, the Meta Quest Pro is equipped with an updated version of the same chip named Snapdragon XR+. The new hardware is rumored to be capable of managing 50 percent more sustained power than the previous chipset.

Meta Quest Pro Vs. Quest 2: What Are the Major Differences?

Meta Quest Pro Vs. Quest 2: Specs

In addition, whereas the Quest 2 is available with 128GB and 256GB of internal storage, the Quest Pro is only available with 256GB. The Quest Pro has twice as much memory as the Quest 2 (12GB vs. 6GB) thanks to a significant memory boost (6GB).

The Quest Pro also features a display with a better resolution and dual QLED panels, as opposed to the Quest 2's single LCD panel. The Meta Quest Pro's 5,000 mAh battery is significantly larger than the Quest 2's 3,640 mAh battery, due to the Quest Pro's increased physical dimensions. The controllers for each headset are also visually distinct.

Meta has stated that the Meta Quest Pro will be sold alongside the Meta Quest 2 model. Given the vast price gap between the two items, it will be fascinating to see how many customers the company attracts to the astronomically pricey Pro model.

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