Mental Coach Jegal Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Mental Coach Jegal has captured the attention of the public, and fans are loving the current ongoing Korean series. They anticipate viewing the upcoming season of Mental Coach Jegal. For the benefit of all the fans, we have compiled all the latest news surrounding the renewal of Mental Coach Jegal Season 2, so please continue reading until the end.

Anticipated Release Date for Mental Coach Jegal Season 2

All fans of Mental Coach Jegal are anxiously anticipating the new season and are wondering about the season 2 premiere date. The production company has not yet officially renewed the series for a second season. Without confirmation of renewal, we will not receive any information regarding the release date of Mental Coach Jegal season 2.

Where Can I Watch Mental Coach Jegal Season 2?

There are numerous OTT platforms where Korean dramas can be streamed. On the OTT platform Viki Rakuten, viewers of the recently launched drama Mental Coach Jegal can enjoy the most recent episodes. To watch Mental Coach Jegal, a premium Viki Rakuten subscription is required. Additionally, the sitcom is accessible on its native network channel, tvN.

Mental Coach Jegal Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

The Plot of Mental Coach Jegal?

The series Mental Coach Jegal combines the athletics and romantic genres. Gil Je Gal is a well-known athlete and former member of the South Korean national taekwondo team. Due to a scandalous scandal, he was expelled from the squad, which severely derailed his career.

Later, he chose to become a mental coach and assist athletes with bad performance or poor form. During his job, he receives assistance from Cha Ga Eul, a young woman who is a short-track speed skater and hopes to represent her country in the Olympics.

Even though she is a gold medalist, she has lost confidence and motivation. Gil Je Gal will help Cha Ga Eul win the competition and deliver the country a gold medal, as depicted in the series.

The Cast of Mental Coach Season 2

Fans are curious about who will return for the new season of Mental Coach Jegal, and they are awaiting the announcements of season 2 cast members. However, the second season of The Mental Coach Jegal has not yet been confirmed, so it will take a few more days or months to receive official updates on the cast.

On the other hand, based on the previous season, only a few cast members are likely to return for season 2, including Park Se-young as Park Seung-ha, Jung Woo as Jegal Gil, Kwon Yul as Gu Tae-man, and Lee Yoo-mi as Cha Ga-Eul.

Mental Coach Jegal Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Recap of the Mental Coach Jegal Season 1

The Mental Coach Jegal is a new Korean drama that is now streaming its first season, which consists of eleven episodes. Still, there are a few episodes that have yet to be broadcast, and we must await the release date of the last episode to see how the series concluded. We will notify you whenever the final episode of Mental Coach Jegal season 1 is out.


The new Korean drama is Mental Coach Jegal, and the demand for Korean dramas has increased dramatically in recent years. This new series, Mental Coach Jegal jas, has received numerous great reviews and replies from its viewers, and fans have liked viewing all of Mental Coach Jegal season 1’s most recent episodes. The series has received ratings of 9.6/10 from Rakuten Viki and 8.1/10 from MyDramalist, but the website NME has given it a Rating of 4/5.


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