Meg 2 The Trench: Release | Everything We Know So Far About this Sequel ! More Updates!

Will we ever see the sequel of Meg Megalodon action movie again? If Meg 2 will come then when will it come, who are the new members in the cast of Meg 2 The Trench and what can we see in the new Sequel?

Star Jason Statham believed that the Meg 2 Sequel would begin in 2022 and it is a sequel of the 2018 blockbuster film which would be directed by Ben Wheatley.

The first original film The Meg marked an exciting new addition in the shark sub-genre and now all wanted to see its sequel which may be expected to be full of danger and with different megalodon.

The Meg received mixed reviews and now it is time for Meg 2 filming as the script was confirmed by Steve Alten in his September 2020 newsletter.

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What is All About The Meg Movie?

Meg 2

The movie follows Jonas Taylor (Statham) who is a disgraced rescue diver. While Taylor was spending and enjoying his time in swigging beer in Thailand after an underwater tragedy of five years and thinking of the same.

At the same time his ex-wife, Lori comes to an interaction with the unidentified creature in the Western Pacific Ocean as she participates in a groundbreaking mission in that area and remembers that five years ago Jonas has also discussed it.

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Statham’s character was enlisted by the Mana Once research facility as he was especially known for dangerous mission and targeted eye on Megalodon – a shark which became extinct 200 million years ago. This film is based on the Book Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror which is Steve Alten’s 1997 book.

Meg 2

The Meg 2: The Megalodon Action Will Return Ever Bigger

When Will Meg 2 come out?

There is no official announcement done for Meg 2 but we hope that the movie is expected to come in 2023 as the script is written and ready to direct and shoot. For the more and bigger visual effects and if we follow the timeline of the previous movie then it will begin in 2022. So this year there is a little chance for the movie to start.

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Who are the Cast Members in the New Sequel- Meg 2?

Meg 2

There is no official announcement for the cast members of Meg 2 but Statham is set to come back in Meg 2 as he is already involved in the creative process of the Meg sequel. Ruby Rose along with Li, Page Kennedy will also be seen with many others in the sequel.

Most Epic Action Moment

What is the Story of Meg 2 Trench?

Until the Official Announcement we can’t say what is the actual plot of Meg 2.

Where to Watch Meg Stantham’s Jonas Movie

You can Currently watch Meg on-

The Meg is here

Last Lines

Meg 2 is confirmed by Alten Steven but there is no official confirmation when the movie will be released. Till then you can watch The Meg original movie on the given Platforms which earns $530 million against the budget of $130- $178.

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