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Meet the Top 5 Leading Cast of Love is Blind Season 3

It feels like yesterday that the second season of the Netflix reality hit with the relationship turmoil and Twitter discussion premiered. Only eight months have passed since the Season 2 conclusion, and one month has passed since the release of the After the Altar special.

For the benefit of fans of reality television, the streamer revived the social experiment for Seasons 2 and 3 at the same time, and the episodes were shot consecutively. Here is all the information you need to know on the Love Is Blind Season 3 leading cast.

Top 5 leading cast of Love Is Blind Season 3

1. Alexa Alfia

Owner of an insurance agency Alexa Alfia, 27, swiftly becomes a fan favorite on the third season of Love Is Blind because to her lack of self-consciousness.

Top 5 Leading Cast of Love is Blind Season 3

The celebrity pair that Alexa would model her relationship after is Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, she admitted. According to her Instagram page, Alexa is frequently seen wearing a stunning gown and sipping on what appears to be a great cocktail.

2. Amanda Peterson

Stylist Amanda Peterson, 31, is searching for a relationship. It must be rather terrifying taking part in the Love Is Blind experiment, which relies almost solely on speech, as Amanda admitted that she’s “poor at speaking.”

Top 5 Leading Cast of Love is Blind Season 3

Amanda is hoping to discover her person in one of the pods despite her propensity for choosing “the wrong guys.”

3. Andrew

Andrew that “continuous cuddles” were the secret to winning his heart. Because of his candour, the director of operations and wildlife photographer causes quite a commotion among the pods.

Top 5 Leading Cast of Love is Blind Season 3

And when it comes to relationships, Andrew seeks a partner who can handle their own issues without continually turning to others for assistance.

4. Anthony

Attorney Anthony LaScalea joined Love Is Blind to attempt “something different” and get rid of all the outside distractions that often interfere with dating. The 33-year-old like chocolate chip cookies a lot and is frequently spotted cuddling with his cute dog.

Top 5 Leading Cast of Love is Blind Season 3

5. Ashley

Ashley Randermann, is a firm believer that “good things come to those who wait.” The enthusiastic equestrian from Texas, 29, said, “I have a huge heart and I believe I deserve the same.

Top 5 Leading Cast of Love is Blind Season 3

” Ashley, a master’s degree holder in neuroscience, describes herself as a “Concierge Chiropractor of Humans & Animals” and says she won’t “settle” until she finds her soul mate.

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