Mayo Chiki Season 2: Release Date: Is This Series Coming in 2022!


Updated As on 27 January 2022

Will the Kinjiro Come out from the fear of women in the new season? I know this is the key question revolving in your mind about the series, Is Mayo season 2 coming or not?


There is so much confusion about this anime series as it is a good animated Tv series which is one of the popular series which gain 7 out 10 ratings on IMDB.

If you are searching here and there for this series on the internet then you get confused and come here to know about the status the Mayo Season 2. Then you came at the right place, and here you will get genuine information about this Mayo new season 2.

So, get ready to know about this Mayo Season 2 as this series is quite famous among fans and they wanted one more season after enjoying the first one.


Here, we first start with the brief description of the season 1 to let all the readers to know what is in the first one as they are reading this anime for the first time and then we jump to the Mayo Chiki Season 2.

The anime fans know that it is an amazing Japanese series based on the novel which is written by Hajime Asano.

   Series: About

mayo chiki season 2

Mayo Chiki series is taken from the light novel and Seiji Kikuchi is responsible for the illustration of this anime series. There are 12 volumes in Mayo series which starts publishing from 2009 and ended on July 2012.

Manga series was published by Media Factory Magazine, Comic Alive starting from October 2010 to November 2013 in between which spin off was came between 2010 to October 2011 and then Feel adapted this series as a television animated series from July 7, 2011 to September 29, 2011 and it was premiered in Japan.

Do you know this series full name, if no then it is Mayoeru Shitsuji to Chikin na Ore.

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Mayo Chiki Season 1 Story

mayo chiki season 2

The series follows the main protagonist Kinjiro Sakamachi who is voiced by Blake Shepard and Subaru Konoe voiced by Genevieve Simmons.

Kinjiro is the male protagonist who is in his 2nd year of high school and suffers from the illness in which he is afraid of women. At the time of his young age he is beaten by his mother and sister to make his strong and they used to do wrestling practices on him.

One day in a school he discovered that Subaru Konoe is a girl when he is using men’s washroom.

She is also the high school student and the hardworking lady who worked for the Suzutsuki Family as a butler and from aichmophobia. This female protagonist is also the first love of Kanade Suzutsuki.

If you ask who Kanade is then she is the only daughter of the principal and also the high school student who always teased Kinjiro for his illness.

Will the Mayo Chiki Season Be Back for You?

mayo chiki season 2

For this section you are always waiting, as fans and audience are vigorously waiting for the next season of Mayo Chiki but there are no words from the side of the makers for this installment after the release of first season.

For the second season, at least some of the followers also started online petition for the new season but no positive response from the creators came as if you check the sales of the anime then it is not enough for them to make new installment of this Mayo Chiki Season.

In future, if creators show interest then you will definitely watch the series and we will update this section when further information came about this Mayo Series.

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Mayo Chiki Season 2 Cast

Who are Coming back in the new Mayo Chiki Season 2?

Yet no announcement for the Mayo Chiki season is seen in this 10 years gaps and no positive response is given by Producers. So there is no news about the cast who are coming to entertainment or may be there is a chance that the new season will not return.

If any miracle happens then we can expect the main protagonists of the series are coming back with new faces on the screen and this is just a possibility.

Mayo Chiki Season 2: Release Date

At the time of writing this article there is no official release date for the Mayo Season 2 and it is also unknown whether season 2 of Mayo Chiki is coming or not. More than 10 years have been completed and no further news about the release of the second season came.

Name Of The Series Mayo Chiki
Category Anime Series
Release Date Not Confirmed
No of Season Released 1

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Last Lines

There is no update for the Mayo Chiki Season 2. And there is less hope that the season will come after so many years. So watch Mayo Chiki Anime on VRV, HiDive, and on Amazon Prime Video.

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