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Max: The Litte Mermaid Dog and Everything You Need to Know!

We all have noticed and loved Disney and it’s various cute and evil characters, be it human or not. The cartoon image has been imprinted in our heads and it isn’t easy to get rid of our entire childhood. But one thing Disney has mastered is the loyal animals in almost every movie or show it has created. 

Today we will talk about Max, the shabby hairy dog from The Little Mermaid. He is the perfect dog. He is smart, loving and loyal and has his master’s best interests at heart. He is Prince Eric’s dog and most of the time, he is much less clueless than the prince himself. He is like a narrator and a guide for the protagonist.

Why Is Max So Cool?

Apart from being loyal, we see instances when Max is shown having expressions that display nothing but a little bit of cute frustration. He is annoyed at his master for not realizing that it is Ariel, the mermaid who saved his life. 

He immediately takes a liking towards Ariel and it is almost like he falls in love with her before the prince does. The prince is oblivious while Max knows exactly what is right for his master and that’s why he guides him to Ariel when he can smell her scent on the beach after the shipwreck.

Max: The Little Mermaid Dog

Max basically acts as a matchmaker as he finds the human Ariel. He is an important part of the fairytale and in fact brings it to the conclusion. The dog has amazing instincts and he knows who is evil and who is nice which is very intuitive and intelligent for an animal.

Why Is Max the Real Hero of The Little Mermaid?

Well! Yes! It was prince Eric who finally ended the giant and evil Ursula but we cannot forget how Max ultimately helped scuttle in breaking her shell necklace. He could sense how evil she was and understood her true intentions. 

Max: The Little Mermaid Dog

In the Disney universe, animals always play a major role and Max’s character further substantiates that theory as he is seen playing the hero and the sidekick of prince Eric. He is not just a side character. He has his own character traits and even though he is like most helpful disney dogs, he has that shabby look that also makes him cute and funny. 

What Are the Shows and Movies That Max Has Been Part of?

  • The Little Mermaid
  • The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea
  • Mickey’s Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse
  • 101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Adventure (cameo)
  • Enchanted (cameo)

Max: The Little Mermaid Dog


  • The Little Mermaid (TV series)
  • House of Mouse

Max is mostly seen in the episodes where Prince Eric and his ship are involved in the Little Mermaid TV Series. Although, it is amazing how the character remains a part of the universe and is seen in multiple disney movies.

This further depicts how the character has made a positive impact on the audiences and has created a whole fan base for itself. As much as we love the protagonists, we need to understand the importance of these characters and the sweet and innocent way they tend to win our hearts through their immense kindness.

What Was the Other Special Thing About the Little Mermaid (1989) ?

Disney spent a lot more money on the animation of The Little Mermaid than it had done previously on any other project. This made the film more special and dynamic. The magic and the romance were heightened because of the improved quality. It was inevitable as Disney had introduced an all new satellite altogether. This changed a lot of things and made the film much more pleasing.

Name of the Movie The Little Mermaid (1989)
Directed By Ron Clements

John Musker

Release Date  November 17, 1989
Box Office Collection $ 235 Million
Budget  $ 40 Million
Production Walt Disney Pictures

Since there was underwater animation, the effects had to be upgraded and that is why these crucial steps were taken. Thus creating a beautiful effect and making the film a big hit.


The Little Mermaid was one of the most successful ventures of Disney as the characters, the animation, the dynamic storyline along with the essence of your regular prince charming angle all came together to form this masterpiece. The presence of Max was a delight and it created all kinds of excitement and cuteness required for scenes which might have otherwise been considered gloomy and depressing. 

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