Maude Apatow Dating Rumors Ignited by Angus Cloud

After spending Fashion Week in New York together, many believe Euphoria stars Angus Cloud and Maude Apatow are dating in real life.

In the HBO drama, the two play on-screen lovers Fezco and Lexi, a group of high school kids who deal with drugs, love, social media, and money as they mature.

Even though the fact that it was first released in 2019, the series starring Hollywood actress Zendaya has gone viral in 2022, with the publication of Season 2 in January.

Angus and Maude have not commented on the dating rumors as of this writing, but here are some of the reasons why fans believe they are dating.

Angus Cloud:

Despite the unusual pairing, Flexi is easily one of the best love tales to emerge from Euphoria, which isn't a particularly high bar.
When Angus Cloud and Maude Apatow appeared on the Season 2 premiere red carpet, we couldn't help but wonder if their chemistry wasn't simply pretending.

Angus' continual social media posts about the on-screen relationship are only adding fuel to the flames, with tweets like “Lexi looks cute even with the rollers in her head” and “Imma stand by my love, Lexi.”

The real kicker is that Maude and Angus celebrated Valentine's Day together with a supper in New York, dubbed “a Lil NYC date” by Angus.

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Lukas Gage:

Lukas Gage, who played Tyler in the first season of Euphoria, has been seen hanging around with Maude, leading fans to believe he could be a love interest.
Lukas and Maude collaborated on the 2018 Sam Levinson dark comedy picture Assassination Nation in addition to starring in Euphoria together.
Lukas also co-starred in the satirical comedy The White Lotus with Howard's sister Sydney Sweeney, so he's already earned the family seal of approval.

Maude Apatow Dating Rumors
Maude, Lukas, and Sydney all traveled to New York together in January, and Gage posted a snapshot of the trip to Instagram with the remark “any minute.”

Made commented on a photo of Lukas on Instagram a few days after Maude's Valentine's Day date with Angus, “God you're gorgeous.” However, Maude may have some stiff competition in the form of Jennifer Coolidge, who also used the fire emoji to say “Geeze…I mean.”

Gage also appeared in Olivia Rodrigo's ‘Brutal' music video. We're confident that (at the very least) Lukas and Maude are good family friends, given that the pop diva is best friends with Iris Apatow.

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Angus and Maude Spark Dating Speculation:

Following their antics in New York last week, fans have speculated that the co-stars may be dating in real life.
The couple was in New York for New York Fashion Week, and fans believe they got a touch too intimate.

Maude Apatow Dating Rumors

It all started on Sunday (February 13th) when Angus published a photo of them both eating dinner on his Instagram Story.

“A Lil NYC date #Fexi,” he captioned the photo, referencing the couple's Euphoria ship name.
The actor then shared a snapshot of the two in matching attire on Twitter a few days later.

They were both dressed in blue tartan suits for Fashion Week, and Angus said it again in the caption: “Flexi.”

Angus Is Close to All His Co-stars:

Unfortunately, the meet-up at New York Fashion Week proves nothing. Angus is friendly with all of his female Euphoria co-stars, so the two were most likely meeting up as friends.

For a photograph with his co-star Chase Sui this week, the actor sported a similar Thom Browne tartan suit. As they posed for an interview with Interview Magazine, they joined arms.

Sydney Martin Dating Rumors Swirl:

Angus is also rumored to be dating model Sydney Martin, who played a minor role in Season 2 of Euphoria.

This comes after Angus shared a sweet Instagram Story with her, in which the two are holding each other's arms.

“Euphoria is out in two days,” he said alongside three red heart emojis in the caption. This is, of course, only speculation, and neither of them has confirmed the reports. Angus, Maude, and Sydney have been contacted for comment.

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