Masamune Kun’s Revenge Season 2: Will The Revenge Continue?

If you’ve been waiting for a new anime film to come out, we have some exciting news regarding Masamune Kun’s Revenge, the most well-known anime franchise, which is projected to get more new seasons in the future. We currently have a new update regarding the upcoming release of the second new season of the show.

As excellent news, it has been reported that the first new promotional trailer for the anime franchise has already made its way to the public, giving you a brief look at the new Masamune Kun’s Revenge series. So, if you’re someone who has been eagerly anticipating viewing more new seasons of the series, here is something you should be aware of:

When Will the Masamune Kun’s Revenge Season 2 Be Released?

Masamune Kun No Revenge’s Season 1 finale, which debuted in March of 2017, has been out for just over five years now. Despite the fact that the first season of the series ended on a cliffhanger, leaving many fans with the hope that it will return at some point in the future, studio Silver Link has disclosed very little regarding the continuance of the series during the course of much of this time.

Masamune Kun Revenge Season 2

Finally, the official Masamune Kun No Revenge Twitter account revealed that a second season is currently under development in April 2021. Unfortunately, this first announcement of Season 2 lacked a release date, disappointing fans of the show who were excited about this upcoming batch of episodes.

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Furthermore, since animation is a notoriously time-consuming kind of media, it’s unlikely that “Masamune Kun No Revenge” Season 2 will debut until at least late 2023.

Who Will Be in the Cast of the Masamune Kun’s Revenge Season 2?

If you are considering the potential cast for Masamune Kun’s Revenge Season 2, It is stated that the same cast from the first season will also appear in the second fresh season. According to the most recent rumours, we will soon see the previous casts making their way to release. In addition, it has been reported that the director and scriptwriter would be returning.

When discussing the show’s director, Minato Mirai will be featured, and when discussing the scriptwriters, Yokote Michiko and Kameyama Toshiki will be featured.

Masamune Kun Revenge Season 2

Who will appear in Masamune Kun’s Revenge Season 2 as voice actors? According to the most recent source, major characters like Hane Natsuki, Ohashi Ayaka, and Minase Inori are expected to return for the second season. Popular voice actors like Makabe Masamune, Adagaki Aki, and Koiwai Yoshino will repeat their roles in each case.

Along with the main cast, there are additional cast members including Mimori Suzuko, Itou Miku, and Kase Yasuyuki, whose roles will be recast by well-known voice casts like Fujinomiya Neko, Muriel Besson, and Franck Besson, respectively.

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Are there any fresh additions planned? We don’t currently know what the filmmakers are preparing! If they have the foresight to really continue the show, perhaps we will witness the addition of some new characters, who will bring more fresh plot twists and support a few more seasons.

What Will Happen in the Masamune Kun’s Revenge Season 2?

As was previously mentioned, “Masamune Kun No Revengefirst “‘s season ended on a cliffhanger, leaving Masamune’s choice to betray Aki’s confidence open to interpretation. The two had just finished acting in the “Snow White” play that their class put up, which featured a kiss between the two potential lovers.

Oddly, Aki punched Masamune after he kissed him on stage. But before she embarks on a class trip to Paris, the two reconcile and have a tender moment. Masamune thinks about pursuing her.

Masamune Kun Revenge Season 2

The two are followed in the succeeding manga chapters as they travel to Paris with the rest of their class. The two are pushed into some awkward exchanges that show Aki’s previous rejection of Masamune was more than it seemed, despite the fact that it is only a class break.

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Masamune is made to question the viability of his idea as a result, though only somewhat. Masamune Kun No Revenge Season 2 will be released soon, and fans will be eager to see whether or not he follows through with the deed.

Is There Any Trailer for the Masamune Kun’s Revenge Season 2?

As we know there is no official announcement on Masamune Kun’s Revenge Season 2. So there is no trailer yet. You can watch the trailer for season first of Masamune Kun’s Revenge below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Masamune Kun’s Revenge end?

Masamune is sure that trying to mend their relationship won’t succeed, but Aki blushes and said, “It’s not entirely hopeless.” In order to end the story with Aki and Makabe together, she eventually requested him to kiss her properly.

Is the second season of Masamune Kun’s Revenge confirmed?

The second season of Masamune-Revenge Kun will debut in the spring of 2023. The first trailer for the anime “Masamune-Revenge” Kun’s was released on Friday, November 25, 2022, on the official website.

Is Masamune Revenge Worth Watching?

Masamune-Revenge, Kun’s however, is not something that deserves to be rediscovered. Even if you go into it expecting an experience that is “so awful it’s nice,” it is simply not a fun movie to see.