Marvel Entertainment Confirms the Fantastic Four MCU Release Date!

The Fantastic Four have yet to have a proper film treatment that does them justice. However, once the gang is introduced into the MCU by Marvel Studios, that may be about to change.

Beginning with a notorious ’90s attempt that almost never saw the light of day, Marvel’s first family have had difficulty transitioning to live-action. Two more recent attempts have also mostly received unfavourable reviews from critics and audiences.

Producer Kevin Feige, who has impressively directed the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe with very few errors thus far, is in charge this time, and the Richards are in good hands. (Read our Marvel movie ordering guide to understand how to see them all in the optimal order.)

The original plan was for the Spider-Man trilogy’s director Jon Watts to helm the film. He departed the project in April 2022, but his departure was not malicious—he simply wanted a vacation.

Read on to learn everything we currently know about the much-awaited revival as it is unclear who will succeed Watts.

When Will Marvel’s Fantastic Four Release?

The Fantastic Four movie will be shown in theatres on November 8, 2024. Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, announced the release date at San Diego Comic-Con 2022.

Fantastic Four MCU release date

Jon Watts, who directed Spider-Man: Homecoming, was initially set to helm the picture but has since resigned.

According to Deadline Hollywood reporter Justin Kroll, who tweeted the information in February 2021, Marvel Studios had only begun speaking with potential screenwriters for the movie and that the commencement of production would take “a while.”

Who Will Be in the Fantastic Four?

Although we don’t yet know who will play the Fantastic Four in the MCU film, we do know who fans hope to see in the role. In essence, there has been a long-running campaign for real-life couple John Krasinski and Emily Blunt to take on the roles of Reed Richards (also known as Mister Fantastic) and Sue Storm (the Invisible Woman).

Of course, Krasinski portrayed the part in Doctor Strange 2, but it doesn’t guarantee he’ll play the figure from Earth-616. However, we believe it is highly likely that John Krasinski will reprise his role as Reed Richards in the future.

Fantastic Four MCU release date

Concerning the Human Torch, Dacre Montgomery is a name that is frequently mentioned on social media, although Zac Efron would be our preference. Who could perform as “The Thing”? Although we’d love to see Michael Chiklis return, Jesse Plemons’ portrayal of the eternally romantic blue-eyed Thing is the most creative fan casting we’ve seen.

Recently, rumours have begun to spread that we might soon receive formal casting news. The actor who played your favourite Marshall on How I Met Your Mother, Jason Siegel, is rumoured to play The Thing.

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Dan Fogler, who plays the lead in the Harry Potter prequel series, has entered the race. On Twitter, Fogler expressed his desire to portray The Thing; perhaps he and Segel should compete for the part.

Matt Shakman would helm the show, it was announced during D23 2022. It’s important to note that Toby Kebbell stated in an interview with The Digital Fix that he would be open to playing Doctor Doom again but doesn’t anticipate getting the call.

What Will Happen in the Fantastic Four?

The Fantastic Four MCU movie narrative is unknown as of this writing, although there’s a fair possibility Marvel will keep up its habit of avoiding traditional origin stories.

Instead, it seems like the studio assumed that those who would watch these movies would be familiar with the MCU characters, and Kevin Feige says that this tendency is expected to continue.

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This genesis story is well known to many people. The fundamentals are understood by many. How can we use that and introduce something fresh to them? The Hollywood Reporter was told by Feige. “By bringing that to the screen, we’ve set a really high bar for ourselves.”

We doubt the movie’s creators will be eager to borrow Fantastic Four antagonists from earlier Fox Marvel films. That implies that Marvel villains like Doctor Doom and Galactus are probably out of the question, but don’t worry—first Marvel’s family of villains has no shortage of foes to contend with.

Is There a Trailer for Marvel’s Fantastic Four?

Since the film has not yet begun production, there isn’t a trailer for Fantastic Four yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Will Be the Villain in the Fantastic Four MCU?

Doctor Doom would seem the obvious choice for a Fantastic Four MCU adversary, but we don’t see Marvel rushing to hire the evil dictator. The character’s previous two appearances on the big screen have been extremely disappointing.

Could Spider-Man Show Up in the Fantastic Four From Marvel?

Spider-Man might have made an appearance in the movie, according to rumours, as Jon Watts seemed to be in charge of both series. There is currently no information regarding Tom Holland’s Peter Parker’s involvement in the Fantastic Four revival, and it’s possible that Marvel Studios won’t want to take the chance of combining the two projects given their shaky collaboration with Sony Pictures.

Is Mr. Fantastic John Krasinski?

When John Krasinski unexpectedly showed up as Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards) in Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, he was one of the numerous surprises that sparked enthusiasm in the audience.