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Married at First Sight Season 7 Couples: What are they doing Now?

Married at first sight season 7

Last Updated on January 30, 2022.

American Reality tv series Married at First Sight based on a Danish series, first aired on July 8, 2014 on FYi and here we are going to talk about season 7 which was aired in 2018 in which couples are from Dallas(city in Us of Texas) and it a reality series which is aired on Lifetime from 2017 onwards.

On January 13, 2021 its 12th season came and the show ran for 42 mins per episode.

Produced by Kinetic Content, season 7 of this hit reality show released on July 10, 2018 and in this 6 single contestants came to the show to meet strangers and to get ready for the wedding if their final decision is yes. There are 3 couples in Married at first sight and these are Mia Bally and Tristan, Danielle Bergman & Bobby Dodd and third one is Amber and Dave.

Show Married At First Sight
Genre Reality TV
Release Date 2014

At this time only one couple is married and stayed together and have 2 children that is Danielle Bergman Dodd and Bobby Dodd.

Let’s talk more about these couples when they came in season 7 and after leaving, what they are doing now? Are 2 other couples remain married or have divorced after leaving the show.

When the season 7 Married At First Sight starts fans wants to see newlyweds meet and their daily struggle upto their last day decision with a completely stranger person who date each other and want to live married until now.

In the end of the season each couple is asked whether they want to remain to married or to want to end the relation by filing a divorce if their relations are not working properly.

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Couples of Season 7 Married at First Sight

Mia Bally & Tristan Thompson

At the time of season 7, Tristan is 29 years old and looks for the same relationship as of its grandparents who are together for more than 65 years and now expecting the same when he comes into the show.

He is the owner of the tutoring club and meet Bally in season 7 who grews up in Plano, Texas and works in a human resource and she is also 29 years old and she is so focused on her career but at that time she is hoping to fill other parts of her life and wants a good understanding and lovely husband for herself.

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According to fans their relationship is not good and real from the starting and Tristan could not help take her new wife as a lier as she was arrested prior for stalking her ex, so due to such issues they can’t build fully trust upon each other but they decided to stay married at the end of the show.

However later on they decided to get divorced and it was revealed in a special episode. Now Mia is living a single life and doing well and has glamorous selfies on her instagram page and worked hard for cleaning her name for the alleged criminal past.

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Bergman who is in her 30, grews up in Washington and to pursue her career at the software company in Texas.

Now she is ready to start and a family and works as an account executive and meets Dodd who is a project manager and is 27 years old who is surrounded by a lovely relationship of his parents.

This was a truly match couple in married at first sight and they decided to stay married at the end of the season and till this time they both have 2 lovely children and their relation bond is more strong after they have kids.

They also revealed in special tell all, she was pregnant with their first child and wants to remain married after some challenges which are normally faced by the couples.

In 2019, this couple also starred in the show’s spinoff series Married at First Sight Happily Ever After? And they also welcomed a baby girl into the world in February 2019 and their baby girl name is Olivia Nicole.

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Amber Mortorona and Dave Flaherty

Dave is a portfolio manager who is in the age of 37 meets Amber who is 36 at the time when they came to the show.

Dave is from California and a former basketball player who wants a woman to marry, she was struggling in finding as he is one of the last remaining bachelors of his group and always wanted to marry earlier.

On the other side Amber is a senior division order analyst who doesn't want to settle from dating but at the time of the 7th season she is ready to settle and finds her life partner.

In the beginning of the show they seems to be good match but after sometimes they couldn't maintain sparks in their relations even doing good but at the end everything done leads to fight between them.

After all this they decided to stay married but in special tell all episode they revealed that they are separating from each other and in December 2018 they official made divorse after Amber shows her will to work on things with Dave.

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Where to Watch Married at First Sight All Seasons

You can watch your favourite season of Married at First Sight on Amazon prime video and on Hulu. if you are searching this show on Netflix then it is not available on Netflix but you can see a similar dating season on it.

Married at First Sight Season 7

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