Marilyn Monroe Father Charles Stanley Gifford: Know the Truth About Marilyn Monroe’s Father

With the recent release of Blonde, a dramatized account of the life of Marilyn Monroe, commonly known in the business as the “sex symbol,” Netflix is hellbent on making history.

With the release of the psychological biographical fiction drama picture Blonde on September 23, 2022, Cuban-Spanish actress Ana De Armas has reportedly assumed the role of Marilyn Monroe, who stunned her entire audience in the 1990s.

Following the publication, Charles Stanley Gifford, Marilyn Monroe’s father, came to light as a dubious character, causing admirers to thoroughly research his background. Her father’s name is Charles Stanley Gifford. If that’s the case, why did he lie? After a jump, locate it.

Who Was Charles Stanley Gifford?

Newport native Charles Stanley Gifford was born in 1898. Gifford occasionally visited a random Hollywood film-development company during his formative years, and it ended up changing the lives of multiple individuals since he reportedly met Gladys Pearl, Marilyn Monroe‘s mother. Gladys worked as an RKO Pictures film cutter.

They got along well with one another and finally fell in love. At the age of 26, Gladys discovered she was pregnant shortly after, and by the time Marilyn Monroe was born, not even Gifford’s Dust could be located.

Marilyn Monroe Father Charles Stanley Gifford

Gifford allegedly never contacted Gladys or his daughter and vanished into thin air. Gladys also made no attempt to get in touch with the guy who had deceived her. Only Monroe, sadly, was continuously looking for her absent father and counting the dreary days she had spent in foster care, only to grow more discouraged.

The only hope she had was the picture of a man in a golden frame that her mother had shown her and claimed to be her father. It was unknown how much the blonde bombshell knew about Gifford because Gladys didn’t want to tell his own kid who he was.

In her lifetime, Gladys was married three times; on Monroe’s birth certificate, her father is listed as her second husband, Martin Edward Mortensen. She finally lost control of her mental state and passed out at the psychiatric facility. Soon after, in 1983, Gladys’ death was confirmed. From that point forward, Monroe was abandoned and left all alone in the foster homes, screaming out to his father, Gifford, to find a way out.

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What Happened to Charles Stanley Gifford?

Gifford became a director and producer after leaving his sweetheart. Gifford remarried in 1919 and had two children before divorcing. Monroe persisted in reuniting with her estranged father, who rejected her.

Gifford ignored Monroe’s assertions until he died. James Dougherty, Monore’s first husband, and the film icon’s friends used to mock Gifford for denying the daughter’s existence. Dougherty said Monroe contacted his number and was told, “I don’t know who you are.” My lawyer.” Gifford told her, “My ex-wife didn’t want me.”

Marilyn Monroe Father Charles Stanley Gifford

Marilyn Monroe tracked down her father to face him, according to Charles Casillo’s book. Gifford consciously pushed her away, saying she was a threat to his family and that she should have contacted his lawyers.

Monroe’s acting coach, Natasha Lytess, said the father-daughter interaction “broke her heart.” Sidney Skolosky, Monroe’s friend, says she met Gifford around 1950. Skolowksy accompanied her to meet him, and she exclaimed, “son of a bit**”

Monroe was drawn to Gifford like a moth to a flame, but every time she tried to contact him, he told her to leave him alone. Gifford died in 1985, near Hemet, California, before accepting Monroe as his blood.

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The Paternity Test of Charles Stanley Gifford

The name of Monroe‘s biological father is eventually revealed in a scathing documentary, six decades after she passed away. The documentary “Marilyn, Her Final Secret,” which was recently released in June 2022, featured scientists concluding a DNA test to unambiguously establish Griffon’s paternity.

Given that a lock of Monroe‘s fabled hair was saved and used as the basis for the experiment, the study was still possible after her passing. To one day demonstrate that Gifford was her father, the hair was saved in the coroner’s office.

The process was initially challenging since Mornoe, who was born brunette, frequently bleached her hair, which caused the majority of her DNA to fade. Eventually, forensic experts took control of the situation and obtained enough DNA from Grifford’s great-grandchild to compare to the removed cheek swab.

Francine Gifford Deir, Griffon’s great-granddaughter, was 75 years old when the specialists went to gather the forensic evidence, and they had a difficult time finding her. However, it was eventually established after many years that Mr. Charles Stanely Gifford was Monroe’s father, dispelling the theories that had been held for a time that was longer than her life.

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Martin Edward Mortensen: Who Was He?

Gladys, Monroe’s mother, had a previous relationship with Martin Edward Mortensen, whose name is well-known to many of us because he was listed as Monroe’s father on her birth certificate. But was there a chance that Martin Edward Mortensen was Marilyn Monroe’s real father?

On October 11, 1924, Martin Edward Mortensen and Gladys Pearl exchanged vows. Later, on May 26, 1925, it appears that the split couple moved in separately before finally getting a divorce on August 15, 1925.

The timeline makes it clear that Mr. Mortensen could never have been Monroe’s father, and his name was merely brought up to erase the stigma of illegitimacy. According to reports, Gladys became pregnant on August 25, 1925, which is 10 days after the former couple’s formal divorce. But to be more specific, the couple had already been separated for around three and a half months, so Mortensen’s absence from the situation was clear.