Marianne Season 2 – Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled? Check Here!

Last Updated on 28th January 2022

Horror shows are always a way of entertainment among the people. Whenever you are down to some excitement in life, just take your friends and a horror movie to enjoy. While there are many people who are not very fond of these kinds of scary movies, a large number of people love them. I know that you are one of those people that’s why you are here today. Marianne is a horror web series that will make your lungs go scream really loud. 

marianne season 2

Released on 13 September 2019 (As per digitalspy), this series was a hit among the people. While the loyal fans loved the storyline and the scary part. There is no denying the fact the people were not that attracted to this movie. Created by Samuel Bodin and also being directed under him, the series is something that you’ll love as a horror movie fan. 

Now the series has already released its first season but the audience wanted to know about the second installment. In this article, we’ll be discussing the second season of Marianne and whether it is coming or not. Interested to know? Read this article till the end 🙂

Marianne Season 2 – Is It Happening or Not?

The first season of Marianne was released on 13 September 2019 on Netflix. The series ended on the Cliffhanger and people were looking for updates of this series. Netflix has not said anything regarding the second season. Nobody really knows what the future of this series is. The creators of the show have not shown any interest in the series. Well, the future of this series is not really bright. The fans are not really sure about the show, 

In January 2020, the creators of the show canceled the series. Now, the series is not really coming anytime soon. 

Marianne Season 2 – Why Did This Show Get Cancelled?

During the initial years of release, the series was hit and people loved the scariness and horror which this movie contains. While the viewership increased but there was a sudden drift in that. The show doesn’t popularize as the creators thought it would be

marianne season 2

The ratings and reviews of Marianne were pretty nice but the number of audiences was very less. As I say the viewership of a show is very important and not the ratings. Being an entertainment writer, I have seen that Netflix is not very interested in those series that are not loved by the fans. Whether it got a great storyline or it ended on a cliffhanger, they never renewed it. This is the reason why Netflix quickly canceled the series.

Marianne Season 2 – Is There Any Chance of This to Happen?

The chances of the second season are very low but there is never a “No” for the series. The horror series was doing really great as it started to release during the initial years of its publication. Soon after, the show was canceled by the creators. 

While many people are already over with this news, some still want this show to happen. If any other TV network decided to take this series under their publication name then only we can see it. But if we check the possibilities of this happening, it is very rare. If there will be something that happens with this show then I’ll update this section. 

Marianne Season 2 – What Will Be the Cast of This Show?

The series has some of the great artists to cast and it is not a cup of tea to act in horror movies. Well If you have seen the movie you would have known that the main protagonist of this show is  Emma Larsimon. The character of  Emma Larsimon is played by none other than Victoire Du Bois. While the series has some other cast members which play a significant role in the show.

If there will ever be the second part of this show then I am pretty sure that the cast will remain as it is. In the next new minutes, I’ll be sharing the cast members and their roles in the story. 

  • Starting with the main cast i.e., Emma. the actress Victoire Du Bois is going to cast as Emma Larsimon
Sno. Actor/Actress Name Character Name
1. Lucie Boujenah Camille
2. Bellamine Abdelmalek


3. Tiphaine Daviot


4. Ralph Amoussou Séby
5. Mehdi Meskar Tonio
6. Corinne Valancogne Mrs Larsimon
7. Mireille Herbstmeyer Mrs Daugeron
8. Alban Lenoir Inspector Ronan
9. Patrick d’Assumçao Fr Xavier


10. Luna Lou Teen Emma
11. Pierre Aussedat Mr. Larsimon
12. Bruni Makaya Teen seby
13. Charlie Loiselier Teen Aurore
14. Délia Espinat Dief as Marianne
15. Anna Lemarchand Teen Caroline

  While all these are the cast members of the first season of Marianne will be the same if there will be part 2 of this story. On the other hand, it is not yet confirmed whether or not they will be back or not. All the actors are busy in their life and producing their movies or shows. But people still hope the original cast will be back. 

What Are the Ratings of This Show?

The show has amazing ratings and both the critics and people were happy with this horror show. While the people were slightly shocked when they heard that the series got canceled but it was also kind of expected. Well, let’s see how good the ratings of this show are. Starting with the rotten tomatoes which are 93%. The IMDb rating of Marianne is 7.5/10

marianne season 2

Furthermore, the Audience rating summary of this horror movie is 4.7.

Where Can I Watch This Horror Series?

After reading all these things about the horror movie, do you want to watch it? Well if you want to then you can go and search this series on Netflix. The show, with 8 episodes, is available for people to watch on Netflix. 

Additionally, the series has some of the greatest series which you can watch. Those series are great and have the best storyline. Plus if you are asking me my suggestions then Sex Education, Lucifer, Money Heist, Gilmore Girls, The Order, and Titans are great to start with. 

Final Words

Netflix Original Horror series, Marianne released on 13 September 2019 is not planning to release its second season. The creators of this show have already canceled the series and the people also somewhere know about it. Talking about the series, which is especially a horror one. If you are someone who is into these kinds of movies then you should definitely give it a try. There is no chance of this series to return in the future and we don’t want you to hope that it would return. If by any chance there will be any updates for Marianne then I will let you know.

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