Margot Robbie Net Worth: How She Makes Lots of Money in 2022?

Margot Robbie’s Net Worth It is estimated that the net worth of Margot Robbie, an Australian actress, is over $26 million. One of Hollywood’s most powerful women, Robbie has made a name for herself since her debut in the industry. Critics have heaped acclaim on Margot Robbie for her performances in various films, and she has been nominated for multiple Academy Awards. And she’s still on that list as of 2019.

After relocating to the United States from her native Australia, Robbie was able to further her profession and garner a more significant following. Over the years, many roles have shown her versatility, including several historical people in biopics. Additionally, Robbie is a successful producer who founded LuckyChap Entertainment with her husband Tom Ackerly outside of the world of film and television.

Early Life of Margot Elise

Born on July 2, 1990, Margot Elise Robbie is a British actress. While growing up on the Gold Coast, Margot lived much of her time on the family farm with her mother and three other siblings. For her family’s sake, Robbie was working three jobs at once when she was 16. Subway was among the places where I worked. She was also able to balance her burgeoning interest in performing by attending Somerset College to study drama. Margot relocated to Melbourne from her native Toronto at the age of 17 to pursue a career in acting.

The career of Margot Elise

margot robbie net worth

At the beginning of her career, Robbie had roles in Australian films like “ICU” and “Vigilante.” She then appeared in Australian advertisements and guest-starred in television shows including “The Elephant Princess” and “City Homicide,” among other things. On “Neighbours” in 2008, she took a giant stride forward by securing a recurring role.

Robbie came to Los Angeles after starring in several Australian projects for the pilot season. She tried out for various roles, but she didn’t make an impression at the beginning. In a complete 180-degree turn, Robbie landed a role in the 2013 romantic comedy “About Time,” which helped launch Margot into the spotlight. Later that year, her big break came in Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street” with Leonardo DiCaprio. The film earned over $392 million at the box office, making it a commercial and critical success. Several critics praised Robbie for her convincing Brooklyn accent.

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Following the launch of her film production firm, she starred alongside Will Smith in the film “Focus.” For her performance in the New Zealand film “Z for Zachariah,” she received critical acclaim. Although Robbie’s performance was praised, the film received mixed reviews. He appeared in films including “Suite Française,” “The Big Short, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, and The Legend of Tarzan” in the following few years.

In 2016’s “Suicide Squad,” Harley Quinn, Margot’s character was another notable one. Even though the film received mixed reviews, Robbie’s performance was seen as a bright spot by most critics. Afterward, she appeared in Goodbye Christopher Robin before starring in me, Tonya. Since then, it has been one of her most lauded performances. She made her name as a voice actor in 2018 when she was cast as Flopsy Rabbit in the live-action/animated feature “Peter Rabbit.”

Before she played Queen Elizabeth I in “Mary Queen of Scots,” she appeared in “Terminal” and “Slaughterhouse Rulez.” Following her desire to work with filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, she starred in “Dreamland” and “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” in 2019. After appearing in “Bombshell,” she’ll appear in “Promising Young Woman” to kick-off 2020. She’ll be back as Harley Quinn in “Birds of Prey” in 2020.

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Endorsements of a Brand

margot robbie net worth

Brand endorsements and collaborations have helped Margot Robbie boost her acting income. As of 2016, she was the face of Calvin Klein’s Deep Euphoria scent. Nissan began using her in its electric vehicle advertising a year later (EVs). The following year, Robbie became the face of Chanel, a well-known luxury fashion company. Robbie has been closely associated with Chanel throughout her career, and she is now the face of their fragrance, “Chanel Gabrielle Essence.” Robbie’s sense of style has been lauded in numerous magazines, and she is widely regarded as one of the most stylish celebrities of our day.


Margot Robbie began dating Tom Ackerly in 2014 after meeting him on the set of “Suite Francaise,” a film she was assisting on. They tied the knot in 2016. With the help of a few other housemates, they moved to Los Angeles after a few years in London.


margot robbie net worth

Before her rise to fame, Margot was involved in the real estate market. She bought a house in Hancock Park, Los Angeles, on the side, in 2017. There is a wine cellar, a pool, a private balcony, and a room dedicated to Margot’s recently adopted puppy on the 3,300-square-foot property. It was only months after Robbie had moved in that the low-key purchase was revealed, and the stunning property was said to have cost her $2.73 million.o

Margot spent $950,000 on a small LA property in 2018. She planned to put this house on the market for 1.2 million dollars in December 2020.

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In 2019, Robbie made a slew of more purchases. She acquired two homes for her family members this year. Her sister inherited the first house, while Margot’s mother received the second. Robbie spent $1.8 million for a gated duplex on Australia’s Gold Coast, part of the same building. For her mother’s 60th birthday, she paid off her mother’s mortgage.

2019 also saw Robbie purchase a second property for her exclusive use. This time, the well-known actress purchased a property in Venice, Los Angeles, for $5 million in a private transaction. Three different buildings make up the compound, likened to a “fortress.” There’s also a spacious garden and a private swimming pool to enjoy. As a bonus, Robbie has a Hollywood Hills property that she rents out for a sizable amount of passive income.

Information About How Much Money Margot Makes

As of September 2018, Margot had made $26 million from various activities. At the time, this was enough to make her one of the world’s highest-paid actresses.

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