What is Marciano Cantero Net Worth 2022? The Cause of Singer’s Death is Disclosed!

Marciano Cantero is an Argentine singer and musician. Horacio Eduardo Cantero Hernández is his full name. He performs as the lead vocalist for the Argentine rock group Los Enanitos Verdes. To learn more about Marciano Cantero’ s biography, age, family, and other details, scroll down.

Brief Information About Marciano Cantero

Name Marciano Cantero
D.O.B 25 August, 1960
Profession Argentine singer and musician
Date of Death 8 September, 2022
Net Worth $2 Million

Early Life of Marciano

Marciano Cantero, also known by his family name, is a well-known singer. He was born in Mendoza, Argentina, on August 25, 1960. In Mendoza, Argentina, there is a lovely and populated city called Mendoza.

With the aid of his older brother, Marciano bought a bass guitar and started practicing. After graduating, his father got him a brand-new bass guitar, and during Argentina’s military regime, he attended performances on the underground circuit.

Marciano Cantero Net Worth

When Marciano Cantero was only 19 years old, he launched his singing career in 1979. Within a short amount of time, he quickly advanced in his field, influencing people via his work and gaining widespread notoriety. His career eventually came full circle as he rose in prominence. Due to his performances, Marciano Cantero became well-known both within Argentina and beyond.

He formed Los Enanitos Verdes in 1979 with Felipe Staiti and Daniel Piccolo; their name translates to “Little Green Dwarves,” although it’s more accurately “Little Green Men.” They first had trouble, but eventually rose to fame in Mendoza. They then moved to Buenos Aires, where they had a difficult time getting gigs in bars and clubs before creating their debut record.

The Enanitos gained famous across Latin America after switching record labels and starting their internationalization with CBS Argentina (CBS). Luna Nueva and Beat Club, which he released in 1990, marked the start of Cantero’s solo career (1991).

Cantero’ S Net Worth

Marciano Cantero’s net worth is thought to be around $2 million, according to Apumone. His work as a singer and songwriter was his main source of income. In addition to his other career earnings, Marciano Cantero earned more than $400,000 a year.

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One of Argentina’s wealthiest and most well-known artists was Marciano Cantero. He was able to live a luxury lifestyle and take several expensive excursions because to his great music career. Marciano Cantero had a good body weight that fit his personality and an attractive 1.75m height.

Personal Life

The marital status of Marciano Cantero is divorced. His wife’s name is Roco Herrán, and he is reportedly married, according to reports on social media. The marital status of Marciano Cantero is divorced.
He wed Roco Herrán in Argentina, although the specific date of their nuptials was not made public until 2017. They divorced each other.

Death Cause

Marciano Cantero underwent surgery for a renal problem on September 7 at a private clinic in Mendoza, Argentina. One of his buddies stated that he had already had surgery and that things should start looking up for him soon.

Marciano Cantero Net Worth

The kidney and some of the spleen were surgically removed. Meanwhile, his family members revealed that since the day he was taken to the clinic, his condition has gotten worse.

Javier Cantero, the late Cantero’s son, acknowledged that his father was unable to overcome the difficulties and thanked everyone for their prayers, support, and encouragement over the years.

His Last Interview

Marciano Cantero discussed the upcoming Los Enanitos Verdes tour in one of his final interviews, which was published in November 2021. He also emphasized how his life has changed since coming back from Mexico, where he lived until a few years ago.

Frequently Asked Questions

Marciano Cantero, who was he?

He was a well-known musician and singer from Argentina.

What was Marciano Cantero’s age?

Age-wise, he was 62.

Who is the wife of Marciano Cantero?

His wife’s name is Roco Herrán.