Cast and Characters of the Netflix Series Manifest Season 4


Season 4 of the record-breaking series Manifest features a huge number of returning cast members, with a multitude of recognisable faces on board. Appropriately, as the programme approaches its conclusion, the supernatural drama has drawn everyone together. With a skyrocketing death rate, it is unavoidable to return all of the people on board Flight 828.

The Cast of Manifest Season 4


When a series is renewed after being cancelled, the cast typically disperses as many go on to new projects or personal endeavours. However, the story differs from Manifest on Netflix. There was no apparent absence in the first ten episodes of the fourth season of Manifest.

Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone

Melissa Roxburgh has garnered notoriety from the beginning of the gigantic blockbuster, prompting cinephiles to discuss her for a long time. She portrayed several characters in numerous films and television series, including Star Trek Beyond and Legends of Tomorrow.



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However, Manifest by Jeff Rake may have been her big break. Although Melissa Roxburgh is no longer an NYPD detective, she is still extensively involved with the show.

Ellen Tamaki as Drea Mikami

Ellen Tamaki‘s character Drea Mikami, who was initially introduced as Michaela's new colleague at the police department, no longer works with Michaela professionally. However, she has always demonstrated an unrivalled passion for assisting others and is eventually the only person on the police force capable of assisting.

Josh Dallas as Ben Stone


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Josh Dallas played MCU's Fandral in the first Thor film before being replaced by Zachary Levi; nonetheless, the ‘Prince Charming returns as Ben Stone in Manifest 4. We are pleased that the de facto leader of Flight 828 passengers has returned after a brief absence.

TY Doran as Cal Stone

Cal Stone has been portrayed by Jack Messina since the show's inception, but now, the creators are presenting Cal's background as a 17-year-old by casting newcomer TY Doran. Given Cal's significance in Manifest, it is no surprise that Ty has become a series regular in the most recent season.

Luna Blaise as Olive Stone

Luna Blaise portrays Olive, the adolescent daughter of Ben and Grace. Even though she is not a passenger, she became very concerned about the flying issue and did everything in her power to reduce the death rate. She also appears committed to discovering the terrifying mystery behind Flight828's mysterious disappearance.

Parveen Kaur as Saanvi Bahl


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Dr Saanvi Bahl is one of Stone's most powerful allies in Manifest. Saanvi finally reestablished her connection to the Callings after achieving atonement in the third season. In addition, Saanvi's scientific knowledge has proven essential to the passenger's efforts to unravel the show's riddles.

J.R. Ramirez as Jared Vasquez

J.R. Ramirez has stunned everyone with his portrayal of Jared Vasquez, who continues to be involved in a love triangle with Zeke and Michaele, his ex-lover. Jared, like Olive, is not a passenger, but he has been with the crew nonstop and is unquestionably someone the Flight 828 passengers can rely on in an emergency.

Matt Long as Zeke Landon

Matt Long signed a contract with NBC's Getaway after the show's creator pulled the plug. When the fourth season of Manifest was confirmed, the news immediately wreaked havoc.


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Either Long would be unable to join the ensemble, forcing the showrunners to find a replacement, or his role would be diminished. Fortunately, NBC chose not to pick up Getaway, paving the way for Matt Long in Manifest 4.

Holly Taylor as Angelina Mayor

Holly Taylor, who joined the cast in the third season, was promoted to series regular for the finale. If the last season is any indication, it makes sense for Angelina to have a stronger role. In particular, when she murdered Grace and kidnapped Eden in the third season, we realised that she had more plans.

Daryl Edwards as Robert Vance

Daryl Edwards was promoted to the series regular role as Robert Vance, alongside Taylor. After allegedly passing away in the first season and missing season 2, the former NSA director has been doing his best to assist passengers in surviving.

Jared Grimes as Adrian Shannon


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Jared Grimes, the primary actor of Church of the Returned, portrays a passenger on Flight 828 named Adrian Shannon. According to Shannon, all Callings are evil, and it's quite intriguing that Adrian has had a recurring role throughout the entirety of Manifest Season 4.

Ali Lopez- Sohail as Eagan Tehrani

Despite being loathed by everyone on the flight due to his questionable decision-making and self-centred attitude, Tehrani's photographic recall proved beneficial. However, his propensity for causing trouble has made him appear more fragile, and he occasionally appears more like an adversary than a true ally. During the season 3 finale, he even abducted Vance's son.

Garret Wareing as TJ Morrison 

In the programme, Garret Wareing appeared intermittently in season 2 before disappearing entirely in season 3. However, he has finally returned to Manifest to reprise his role as TJ Morrison, the lone passenger who assisted the main protagonists in their investigation of Al-Zuras' notebook.

Frank Deal as Captain Bill Daly

What is an aeroplane trip without a pilot? Frank Deal, who was there during the third season finale's second mystery, unexpectedly emerged in the cockpit wreckage of Flight 828 before vanishing again.

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