Manifest 4: NBC Cancelled The Show After 3 Seasons!


Last updated on 29 January 2022.

Last week, We have seen #Savemanifest trending on the internet, and while many people can’t understand it why? The fans of Manifest know! The NBC popular drama which increases its fanbase after releasing on Netflix has been officially canceled by the creators. 


Despite having amazing performances and getting number one place on Netflix, the series has to bid its final goodbye to the audience this year. Even the show was one of the most viewed series on Netflix

Jeff Rake, who is the creator of the show, has already announced the news to his fans. Here is everything that you need to know about this series.

Manifest Season 4 – Is it canceled?


Manifest season 4

The series, which was one of the famous shows of Netflix and NBC, is not renewed for its fourth season. There was a long discussion going on for a few months between NBC and Netflix about the renewal status of the show. Recently, Netflix has decided to not renew the show for its fourth season. 

It was super shocking to the fans because they show was already doing great on every platform and fans were loving it. The popular show has released 3 seasons back to back and they have received positive feedback from the audience. 

After the show launched on Netflix, it helped the show to overall increase its popularity in the US and outside the world. According to the sources, the Crime-drama show was also ranked on the top list of Netflix but it doesn't satisfy the creators at all. 

Last week. Jeff Rake posted a final greeting message for all the viewers and thanked them for supporting the show even after it got canceled. Yes, there are a lot of talks going around after seeing the public reaction. The post says,  

NBC has cancelled the Manifest Season 4, confirmed by 

Manifest Season 4 – Why the Creators Cancelled the show?

Manifest season 4

After the show creators announced the cancellation of Season 4, everyone wants to know why it happened? When the news broke on the internet, fans couldn’t find anything worse than that. Season 3 ended on a cliffhanger and it made the audience realize that there will be season 4. 

Now the season 4 is officially canceled, making the audience sick to know what will be the future of the series. According to the sources, the show was already finding trouble deciding whether to renew the series for season 4. But it later came out to be officially canceled.

Despite getting amazing ratings and viewership and even scored the #1 position in Netflix for the most-watched show, it didn’t renew. 

The reason for the cancellation of Manifest season 4 is not yet announced clearly but we can see the downfall in the average ratings and the viewership of the show. When the show was first released, it was viewed with an average of 7 Million views. When season 3 was released, the average viewership decreased to 3.1 Million. But still, the ratings are quite enough for the creators to release another season. Jeff Rake tweeted for the fans saying,  

How did the audience react to the cancellation?

Manifest season 4

The loyal fans of the show were devastated after the news broke on the internet. The #Savemanifest started to trend by the fans of the show and it ranked one worldwide. Fans were curious to know what exactly happened with their beloved show that had to get canceled. With the support of the fans, there are possibilities that season 4 might return.

The loyal fans started a petition for season 4 of Manifest and it has been signed by almost half a million people. The official hasn’t responded to anything regarding this and there isn’t much released afterward. But the demand for season 4 is still ongoing and we have to see now if it will end with a happy ending or not. 

Manifest Season 4 – What is the future of this series?

After the series got canceled, there are still hopes left for the viewers. Season 4 ended on Cliffhanger and there are still many things that are uncovered in the show. Whoever watches the show, will definitely find that there are many of the little things needed to be covered up. Like, the suspense of Flight 828 and its 191 passengers. 

Moreover, NBC has already decided to cancel the show and Netflix is also not taking much interest in its production. But some fans are still there for the show to release its season. 

There is a possibility of releasing a movie or a book. This was officially revealed by Jaki in his Instagram post. The post says, “I would love to finish the story and look, I'm going to take some time,” 

Series Manifest 4
Release Date Cancelled
Network NBC

“I'm going to hold out hope that maybe somebody will step up and help us finish that story – whether that means more episodes, whether that means a final kind of movie like they did with the show Firefly, or a lot of people have asked me ‘write the book' and you know, that's a cool concept but [it's a major endeavor] and I'm going to think about it.

Manifest Season 4 – Will there be a Movie?

The creators of the show have shown their interest in completing the show in a good ending that will make the people satisfy at least. Jake has already told the fans about the possibility of a book or a movie. 

Jeff Rake said in a post,  “At some point in time, I will figure out how to finish the story in a way that honors the story we've told so far because so much love and care and precision and money and blood, sweat and tears went into these first three seasons [that] for me to summarily blurt out the rest of the story in an article or in a series of tweets… it's not happening.

He continued, “It would be a let-down just because it's not just that people want to know the ending but it's that people want to experience the ending.

“To just lay out some story beats summarily could never hold a candle to what that experience would have been like if we had the resources to, again not to necessarily shoot three more seasons of a television show but even if I could figure out how to get the financing to do some abbreviated movie for television; the compressed version of the end of the story.”

He explained that their team was looking for a satisfactory ending. In the end, he left the audience hanging by saying,  “Hopefully some savvy executive out there at some platform will decide it's worth finishing the story and I'm going to give it some time to see if that happy result can occur.”

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