Man With a Plan Season 5: is the Show Cancelled by CBS?


Since the fourth season of the show ended in June 2020, these are some of the frequently asked questions by viewers. Its Man With A Plan Season 5 release has been the subject of rumors. You don't need to worry, though, since we have all the most recent information here.

Man With a Plan is a sitcom that can be watched on CBS and its online streaming service Amazon Prime Video. It was created by Jeff and Jackie Fligo. A chaotic joint family and their everyday dramas are the centre of the story.


About Man With a Plan

The show's initial premiere on October 24, 2016, was met with a largely positive reception from viewers. It was consequently renewed for additional straight seasons up until the fourth, which was ultimately finished in June 2020. The show has 69 episodes in its four seasons, with each episode lasting an average of 22 minutes.

Man with a plan Season 5


Potential Release Date of Man With a Plan Season 5

We're sorry to break the bad news to Man With A Plan fans, but there won't be a fifth season. The fourth and last season of the programme debuted on April 2, 2020, and it ended on June 11, 2020.

After that, any upcoming seasons were formally cancelled. Only five million people watched the fourth season, which was almost 20% less viewers than the seasons before. Even while it has received some favorable criticism, it is not enough to justify continuing the show.


We shouldn't give up hope, though, as there is still a potential that the show will return to our televisions. Yes, we may still anticipate the show to return to our screens if any other station that holds the rights to it decides to continue with it. In the event that this miracle occurs, Man with a Plan Season 5 should air in the latter half of 2023. Keep checking back for further updates on this!

Expected Cast of Man With a Plan Season 5

Even though there appears to be little likelihood that the programme will return, some curious viewers are still interested in learning what happened to their favorite characters. We may anticipate the main characters from past seasons to return if this occurs. The following is a list of them:-

  • Adam Burns is covered by Matt Le Blanc. He serves as the Burns Family's main patriarch. Additionally, he and his brother are co-owners of Burns Brother Construction .
  • Andi Burns is portrayed by Liza Snyder in this movie. She serves as the family's chief matriarch and is a homemaker. Later, she works for the family company.
  • As Kate Burns, Grace Kaufman dominates the screen. She assumes the role of the Burns family's eldest child.
  • Teddy Burns as played by Matthew McCann. In Burns' household, he assumes the position of the middle kid.
  • Emme Burns, played by Hala Finley. She is a kindergartener who portrays the eldest child in Burns' family
  • As Lowell Franklin, Matt Cook. He assumes the position of Adam Burns' close friend.
  • Don Burns, played by Kevin Nealon. He portrays Adam's older brother, who owns Burns Brother Constructions with him in a joint venture.
  • Marcy is burned by Kali Rocha. She is Don's wife in the play.
  • Joe Burns, played by Stacy Keach. He portrays the father of Don and Adam.

The Plot: Man With a Plan Season 5

A terrific family sitcom about the Burns, a married couple with three kids, makes the veiled allusion that raising children can be a real nerve-wracking experience.

Man With A Plan Season 5

The typical scenario of a working father and housewife is turned on its head. Following a hiatus, Andy returns to work, and Adam is tasked with looking after three boisterous children while also running a business.

He believes the problem to be a piece of cake, but quickly learns that the cake is too difficult. By the way, Matt LeBlanc does a good job portraying the head of the household.

Numerous family issues are portrayed in the storyline, including time management, cleaning, and—most importantly—the difficulty in communicating with children and people of different ages.

Is There Any Trailer for Season 5 of Man With a Plan?

There isn't an official trailer for the show because it has already been cancelled for season 5 in a row.
Below, you can watch the previous season's trailer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Man with a Plan reviews on IMDB?

It has a 7/10 rating on IMDB, indicating that critics have given it some favorable feedback.

Man with a Plan was cancelled, why?

The network's decision to terminate the series was largely influenced by how expensive it was to produce for the network. The 69-episode run of the show came to an end on June 11, 2020.

Is Man with a Plan available on Hulu or Netflix?

Because CBS has historically been very helpful to Hulu, we are confident that “Man with a Plan” will be streamable. But be prepared because there are advertisements, just as with all of Hulu‘s content.